Utilities Info

Who is responsible for the utilities in my apartment?

Power and water will be kept under Campus Property Management’s name! This means that CPM covers Power and Water up until a cap. For power, the cap is 7% of your total monthly rent. For water, the cap is 3% of your total monthly rent. CPM will bill any excess amount to your account if the caps are exceeded.

ON CAMPUS ONLY! Does not apply to Houses

What are the phone numbers for the utility companies? The telephone numbers for the local utilities are listed below for your reference. If you are having issues with your utility services, please contact these companies!



(800) 755 – 5000




Illinois American Water Company


(800) 422 – 2782



Volo Broadband


1 (217) 367-8656

Cable/Cable Modem: 

Comcast Cable

(800) 266-2278



Quick Package Pickup             


(217) 649-4471