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Lease without risk! In light of COVID-19 and the way it has affected international travel, CPM has made the decision to provide lease termination at select locations in circumstances where a student is not able to receive their VISA to travel to the United States.

Due to UIUC's announcement that classes will officially be in person this fall, this offer is only an option for international students who are at risk of having their travel VISA declined. 

Please keep in mind the following:

Only new leases signed in May 2021 are eligible for this benefit. You must sign a clause at the time of your lease signing to be eligible.
This can not be added at a later date than your signing and is not an option to be added to previously signed leases. Please be sure to discuss this option with your property manager before the date of your lease signing so they can confirm this as an option for you. 

The deadline to cancel a lease will be Saturday July 17, 2021 at 4:00 pm
After that date you will have the option to find a new tenant to sublease or transfer your lease to, but you will no longer be able to terminate your lease and will be responsible for the cost of rent for the full term.

You will need to provide valid proof from the immigration authority that your VISA was declined in order to terminate your lease.
If you are not able to produce evidence that you were denied travel you will not have the option to terminate your lease. 

You will not receive a refund of your security deposit or sanitation fee upon cancellation of the lease. 

Here is the complete list of CPM locations that are eligible for a covid-19 lease termination clause: 

103 S. McCullough

104 N. Lincoln

202 E. Chalmers

301 E. Chalmers

303 E. Green

304 E. Daniel

404 E. Clark

806 S. Third

813 W. Springfield

608 E. Chalmers

608 E. White

510 E. White

812 W. Nevada

909 S. Locust

905 W. Oregon

809 W. Stoughton

809 Springfield

57 E. John

506 S. Fourth

1010 W. Stoughton

1009 W. Stoughton

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615 S Wright

615 S Wright,

1106 S Euclid

1106 S Euclid, South West of Green-Wright

Featured Apartments

615 S Wright

615 S Wright,

1106 S Euclid

1106 S Euclid, South West of Green-Wright


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