In a sublease agreement, lessees agree to a contract with sub-lessees that will allow those sub-lessees to live in their rented apartment for a certain period of time. During the course of your lease with CPM, you may find yourself needing to consider subleasing. Whether this is due to a study abroad trip, an internship, or plans to head home for the summer, our leasing agents will be happy to help you make sure a secure UIUC apartment subleasing agreement is in place!
    • The lessee’s account must be current (no overdue rent or late fees).


    • Each person that is subletting will have to pay a $40 administrative fee when signing.
    • When a sublease is signed, ideally all of the lessees and sub-lessees will be present. If this is not possible, the lessees and sub-lessees who can’t make it will just have to send a notarized letter acknowledging that they agree to the terms and conditions their roommates are setting in the sublease. All original lessees must sign a form giving their approval for a sublease to happen.


    • Just one of the original lessees will have to be at the office when the sublease is signed.
    • Sub-lessees will only need to bring a photo ID to the signing.


    • A friendly tip: When deciding to sublease, it is best to make sure that your sub-lessees will follow through on their end of the contract. While we can help set up a sublease, the legal responsibility does fall on the original lessees. So, you want to make sure that they will pay rent on time and take care of your apartment as you would!
    • During a sublease, you can always contact our office to make sure your account is up to date.