Living in CPM


  • Move Out

    Thank you for choosing Campus Property Management for your housing needs this lease term.  Please take note of the following move-out topics to ensure a smooth and stress-free move-out.  (Read more)

  • Move-in Tips

    Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to help make your move-in experience more enjoyable.

    Please take care to call each of the utility companies well before the day you move into your apartment. Click here to view some helpful utility tips as well as the local utility company contact numbers.

  • Problem Solving Tips

    If you spot a mechanical problem in your apartment, prior to calling maintenance, check out our helpful simple tips for fixing common mechanical errors.

  • Lost Key

    If you have lost your key you will need to replace your lock. Please call Access Locksmith  at  217.356.2300 to schedule the lock change.

  • Move-in Report

    We take all emergency issues directly off of your move-in report, so please make sure to submit it within 72 hours of the first person picking up keys, and be sure to include all information you would like CPM to be aware of.

  • General Cleaning

    If you would like for the cleaning contractor to come back, please notify the leasing office at (217) 328-3030 the same day as the first person moves into your apartment. The cleaning contractor will be there within 24 hours of the call. Please be advised: general cleaning is different than wall painting or carpet cleaning. We have separate contractors for each task.

  • Painting

    If you would like your apartment painted, please document the places you desire on your Move-in Report and leave a contact number so that painting can be scheduled with the contractor at your convenience.

  • Rent

    Rent is due the first of the month. Late fees of 5% of the monthly rent are assessed on the second of the month.

  • Access Locksmith

    All lessees agree to call Access Locksmiths at 217.356.2300 (24 hours) if locked out of their apartment. The lessee is responsible for lockout charges and for presenting proper identification.

  • No Grills Allowed

    No grills are allowed in apartments, on balcony/patios, or on premises. The lessee shall be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of a violation. There will be an additional fine of $150 for each day that such violation occurs.

  • Smoke Detectors

    The lessee agrees to weekly test the smoke detector and promptly advise the lessor of any problems.