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When it comes to finding the top apartments in Champaign, Campus Property Management has everything you need. CPM offers many options for affordable student housing in Champaign-Urbana. Whether you’re looking to live on campus or off campus, CPM understands the budget concerns many UIUC students have and makes it convenient to find the best apartments for rent.


CPM apartments in Champaign come in different varieties and sizes. Equipped with private baths, central A/C, dishwashers, and other amenities, you can easily find the right apartment for living on your own or with roommates. Many of the apartments at CPM are also pet friendly so rejoice and bring your furry loved ones with you to your fabulous new place! CPM offers competitive rates to make your living situation both comfortable and affordable. Parking spaces are also provided at many apartment rentals. Check out our list of apartments below and select your new home at Urbana-Champaign.


Studio Champaign Apartments

Studio Champaign apartments are a great choice for students living alone on a budget. The open floor plans are cheaper in rent and spacious in size. Private bathrooms are always available for studios and apartments, like the ones located at 57 E John, are pet friendly with utilities included. Living spaces for studios range between 200 – 450 square feet.


1 Bedroom Champaign Apartments

1 bedroom Champaign apartments are perfect for students who want to save money, but still value their privacy. CPM single bedroom apartments hold one bath and living spaces between 480 – 550 square feet. The apartments at 408 E Healey include amenities such as internet, washers/dryers, and even balconies/patios perfect for catching sun on lazy Sunday afternoons.


2 Bedroom Champaign Apartments

2 bedroom Champaign apartments are available for trusted friends ready to share a living space. 51 E Green is one of our newer buildings with spacious layouts, balconies, and jacuzzis. All kitchens are upgraded with stainless steel appliances and parking is available underground. Single baths are included with living spaces of 735 square feet.


3 Bedroom Champaign Apartments

3 bedroom Champaign apartments for rent are offered for up to three people with 1-2 baths. The apartments at 48 E John are spacious and affordable including fiber internet, dishwashers, parking, and balconies. The 3 bedroom apartments at this location also includes a bonus room! Available living spaces range between 935 – 1072 square feet.


4 Bedroom Champaign Apartments

4 bedroom Champaign apartments are the largest living spaces available at CPM. Best to split between 4 roommates, most apartments include 1-3 baths. The apartments at 105 S Wright all include central A/C, washer/dryer, stainless steel appliances, internet, and utilities. 4 bedrooms with lofts are also available. Average living spaces range between 900 – over 1000 square feet.


Affordable Prices
We know that student budgets often mean limited options when it comes to affordable student housing. Campus Property Management is committed to offering numerous student housing options that are affordable and priced fairly. We pride ourselves on integrity and transparency, and are committed to ethical practices and accountability to our student tenants.
Campus Property Management has over 1800 affordable student apartments available on or close to UIUC Campus. Our on-campus and off-campus UIUC student housing options include studio, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, and even 4 bedroom affordable apartments.
Customer Service
CPM UIUC Student Apartments takes pride in providing excellent customer service to each of our tenants. Our professional and courteous team is always ready to provide helpful and friendly service to our tenants, and all of our employees must undergo special hospitality training to ensure your experience with CPM is pleasant and insightful, every time.
Campus Property Management is committed to integrity, honesty, and ethically affordable housing options for all UIUC students. We are committed to providing excellent customer service to our UIUC tenants, and have been ever since CPM founder Erwin Goldfarb would personally repair each student apartment in 1967! CPM prides itself on ethical procedures and service with a smile.