It's Unofficial time! As a townie, this is when we would barricade ourselves and lock our doors and put on a show like Phineas and Ferb and hope for the best, but as U of I students, this is an opportunity to have fun! Quite the different experiences, I know! Something to be aware of is how to drink safely, not just because of your blood alcohol content, but to also be careful of who you are with, the plans you have, and to avoid situations that can cause irreversible damage, it's a BLAST to have fun!  

Wear Green, Especially CPM Green

Image result for unofficial u of i Your first tip is to wear green! Unofficial began in 1996 and the premise is that the University of Illinois scheduled Spring Break during St. Pattrick's Day, and Unofficial began as a substitute! This is where you get to pinch people who haven't worn green that night, and you can find some pretty awesome Unofficial apparel! Of course, Campus Property Management came out with a green t-shirt specifically for the event! See the clovers in the t-shirt and the type-font? Pretty Unofficial isn't it? These T-shirts are being given away at our Main Office tomorrow, Thursday 2/28/2019 as long as supplies last so make sure to stop by early and grab that CPM T-shirt! Oh, it's FREE!  

Make a Plan

Making a plan has quite a few benefits, you get to plan who you are with, where you are going, how many drinks you are having, travel plans, these are all good ideas to go through. Thankfully, helps with making those plans, follow that link and scroll down to the bottom. They also have resources that explain alcohol facts and ways to make the night more enjoyable!  

Carry a Checklist

This website may seem a bit judgemental but it makes sense, make a checklist. This is similar to making a plan but it can be a card with reminders such as "drink water every other drink" or "don't accept drinks from strangers". Also, one thing they point out is to avoid triggers and this is such a great tip! Triggers can make us forget our rules and plans, and cause what is supposed to be a fun night into one you can't remember clearly, and that's no fun! Click here for the checklist website. And click here for some more tips and tricks to safe drinking.  

Responsible Drinking

Okay not much to say, this website is just amazing because of its aesthetics and the amount of  resources that it has available for the general public. definitely makes safe drinking look more fun with it's colors and stock imagery, just saying.  

SAMHSA Opioid Overdose Toolkit

This is a bit of a difficult topic to approach, basically, we know that alcohol isn't the only substance that goes around on big party nights, and it's important to know what is happening and going on around you to make sure that you stay safe and don't suffer consequences beyond your ability to manage. Don't listen to me though, read the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) article on it. This is good information for everyone as it helps to know emergency services and numbers, as well as how you can help. Click here for the pdf information.  

Champaign-Urbana Local Resources

CPM has its own list of resources from the Police Department, Fire Department, City of Champaign, and more. Be aware of the fines and penalties and know some more safety tips such as balconies and more. This link will help you to know more about Champaign-Urbana and how the Townies treat Unofficial. We all enjoy being liked, so be kind to your town and respect the rules to help keep you and your friends safe.