Do you guys ever get bored of this? Yeah, I don't either, because figuring out the unique events happening in Chambana each week always gives us stuff to do! We survived the Polar Vortex (take that old man winter) and now we have a brief tropical time before winter resumes it's regular programming.

CPM Promotions

We did a similar promotion before, but we changed it up this time! If you sign a lease this month, you can get either 50% 0ff Parking or a Nintendo Switch! Both useful in their own way! Car or Switch... I'd say Switch, you can drive in Mario Kart, same thing really.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Image may contain: 1 person, playing a sport and text It's another game! If you want a free t-shirt, be in the first 1,000 fans. Now, this isn't just for students so us townies are able to get that free orange t-shirt. It really is a competition to be first for those orange t-shirts, make sure to try your hardest with all your friends! There's also a few sales for you to engage in. "Wear your orange when Fighting Illini Basketball hosts Michigan State on Tuesday, February 5th at 6 pm for the Gameday Spirit Orange Out. The first 1,000 fans to arrive at State Farm Center will receive an orange t-shirt. The t-shirt will also be available for $15 at the game. From January 30th through February 5th, all orange apparel will be 20% off at the Campus and South Neil Gameday Spirit stores."  

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Image may contain: 2 people, beard and text Another photography experience! This is a fairly touching topic on family and cerebral palsy. Come see Christopher Capeziello's unique project at the SDRP and it's hosted by the University of Illinois-DRES-Disability Resources and Educational Services, should be a great learning opportunity. "Chris is an American photojournalist whose work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Since he first picked up a camera as a teenager, Chris has been drawn to photographing his twin brother Nick, who has cerebral palsy. The time Chris spends looking through his camera at Nick has forced him to ask questions about suffering and faith and why anyone is born with a disability. As family photographs, the images of Nick were not originally made to be shared, but they have since been widely distributed and are the subject of Chris’s first monograph, The Distance Between Us. This event will be a “family” discussion – around the kitchen table with Chris and some of University of Illinois students with disabilities – some who are the twin with a disability and who have a twin without."  

Friday, February 8, 2019

Image may contain: one or more people and text The Great Cover Up is back at The City Center! This is the lineup below, it will tell you all about the different musicians participating in this wonderful event. They will play covers of multiple different bands and it will be a blast from the past! In two ways, by playing music and by some bands having participated many times before. This event is also a fundraiser, have fun! "*set times and order subject to slight changes* FRIDAY 2/08 7:00pm DOORS OPEN 8:00-8:20pm The Data Waves 8:40-9:00pm Neoga Blacksmith 9:20-9:40pm Dearie 10:00-10:20pm Grand Ambassador 10:45-11:05pm Airacobra 11:30-11:50am HarshPro & DJ Belly 12:10-12:30am Truth Aka Trouble SATURDAY 2/09 7:00pm DOORS OPEN 8:00-8:20pm Kittens Incorporated 8:40-9:00pm Ryan Byfield & Nuclei 9:20-9:40pm Boneyard Brass Band 10:00-10:20pm Chase Baby 10:45-11:10pm DeShawnMusic 11:35-12:05am Mike Ingram 12:30-1:00am Los Guapos featuring Brandon T. Washington FRIDAY 2/15 7:00pm DOORS OPEN 8:00-8:20pm Zorila 8:40-9:00pm Planet Piss 9:20-9:40pm Slick Lisp 10:00-10:20pm SPRK 10:40-11:00pm V.V. Lightbody 11:25-11:50pm We The Animals 12:15-12:45am Elsinore SATURDAY 2/16 7:00pm DOORS OPEN 8:00-8:20pm Three Hour Tour 8:40-9:00pm Nadafinga 9:20-9:40pm Nick Rainey 10:00-10:20pm Underwerewolves 10:40-11:05pm Decadents 11:30-11:55pm Caleb Cook Band 12:20-12:45am The Bashful Youngens SUNDAY 2/17 6:00pm DOORS OPEN 7:00-7:20pm Charlie & The Possibly Wilds 7:40-8:00pm Love Handles 8:20-8:40pm Love Roxx (Love Sign + Pet Roxx) 9:05-9:30pm Whiskey Shadows 9:55-10:20pm X-Krush 10:45-11:10pm Brother Embassy 11:35-12:00am 90's Daughter Proceeds from this year's annual event will be donated to the CU One-to-One Mentoring Program , the Matthew C. Farrell Memorial (scholarship) Fund, and Girls Rock! C-U."  

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Image may contain: house, sky and outdoor Ever been interested to know more about Champaign County? Did you know Urbana was founded before Champaign, and then "Western Urbana" was renamed Champaign? Quite the history there. UIUC was established shortly after that, really amazing history I know. In that case, learn more at "History Talks" and impress everyone with knowledge on the town that hosts your campus! "Our popular speaker series, "History Talks," is back! This month, we revisit one of our most-viewed talks. To commemorate America's Bicentennial in 1976, the Champaign County Bicentennial Committee published a 50-page pamphlet titled "Historic Sites in Champaign County." The book was a guide to 78 specific locations throughout the county designated as official Historic Sites. Two centerfold maps, one for the rural parts of the county and one for the cities, provide locations. Each site was designated by a number corresponding to a commemorative sign. Two summers ago, Rick Williams, a CCHM Board member and history teacher at Judah Christian School, began a project to revisit each site in the book to determine which sites still existed and which did not. During the summer of 2017 Rick tracked down all the rural sites, and this past summer he visited the 44 sites in Champaign-Urbana. This month, Rick will give the second talk to update on his most recent urban adventures His tales will include stories and pictures of the most interesting encounters and his overall impressions. Watch Part 1 - Historic Sites of Champaign County (Rural Edition)"  

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Image may contain: text Parkland brings another event to the Chambana area, and this time, it is completely run by Students! No Parkland staff or otherwise included in this show, some of your UIUC friends take courses at Parkland College, maybe there's someone you know performing! Show your support for your fellow college makes in Chambana! "Our 28 Annual Student Production will feature a student director and all-student staff. Come Blow Your Horn is the story of Alan and Buddy Baker, two brothers who could not be more different. Younger brother Buddy longs for the playboy lifestyle his elder brother Alan leads. However, as Buddy transforms into the swinging mirror image of Alan, Alan finds himself falling in love for the first time. This hilarious comedy launched the career of its internationally famous playwright, Neil Simon."