In case you didn’t know, Pokemon GO has been released and has taken the world by a storm! Even people who have never touched Pokemon, are involved in this. But where are the top places to visit? As of now, there isn’t a finished map of the Champaign-Urbana area, but there are some popular places to visit and you should check out!


5.Centennial Park, Champaign IL

If it wasn’t for the distance, this would have made it up to 3rd place! Centennial Park has quite a few gyms and poke stops, the size of the park is perfect for the area around, as it only has one road cutting through it. It’s good in safety and great in content, with it’s large amounts of stops!

4. Boneyard Creek and Scott Park, Champaign IL

Scott Park and the Boneyard Creek 2nd Street Basin are great places to find some rare pokemon. Although there isn’t many gyms or poke stops, just walking the route a couple times you can find plenty of things to occupy your time. It’s been known to have several high level squirtles (personal experience) and some other water pokemon. People often leave lures down, and in the evening with the man made water falls it can be a peaceful place to hang around!

3. Meadowbrook Park, Urbana IL

If you really need to mow down some miles and want some scenery, then Meadowbrook Park in Urbana will be perfect for you! Also if you hand around long enough, a Dratini or two has shown up!

2. Hessel Park, Champaign IL

Hessel Park is a good location for lots of outdoor activities, and has no roads going through the middle of it making it perfectly safe! For such a small area, there’s quite a few gyms and Pokestops. Right across from the park is Jarling’s Custard Cup, so you can pickup some great ice cream.

1. West Side Park, Champaign IL

For Pokemon GO this is one of the most talked about places for gyms and get together. In fact Team Valor is having a meetup tomorrow and they will head over there soon after! Besides that, it’s a great place to train and catch Pokemon.

Do you know of any other great places? It’d be awesome to hear about them! Send an email to [email protected] about any fun things or topics you’d like to see on here!

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