It’s another fabulous week in Shampoo-Banana (Champaign-Urbana), and there are quite a few exciting events for you to attend! Fall may have started, but the fun has just begun!

Wednesday-Friday, September 24-29, 2018

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We all know and love the Pygmalion Festival! Musicians, artists, scientists, craftsman, chefs, there is an enormous amount of events to attend to and all in your Chambana home! 

“Since 2005, the programming at PYGMALION has sought to engage its community of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois with the newest and most vital live music it can afford.

Over the years, it has grown from simply being a music festival, and into a multi-disciplinary event. In 2018, it has expanded once again. In addition to Music, Literature, Technology, Food, and a Made Fest,  we bring Comedy and Podcasts to the forefront as well.

The nature of modern “festivals” has become so passé, we barely recognize the word, and choose not to use it any longer. Of course PYGMALION is a festival, one that looks like any other, on its face. I mean, look at the poster. There’s a lot of names there, a lot of bands, and artists. There are sponsors, of course there are!

But peer a bit longer, hold your gaze for a moment, and find the website, and you will learn about activations and programming that are both unique to our community, and challenging to the attendee.

Watch Tesla Coils at work in a gorgeous amphitheatre. Check out a book disguised as a person at the “Human Library.” Join dozens of women as they participate in an “Editathon” to help balance Wikipedia. Take a moment to see the history of the Cahokia Mounds through an interactive demo. Listen to Safiya Noble discuss how racism has permeated our search engines. Disrupt technology at PygHack. Go on a neighborhood pizza tour with Steve Dolinsky from ABC-7 Chicago. Spend an evening sipping cortado and listening to people bare their souls at the Poetry Marathon. Ask Luis Alberto Urrea about his latest tome. Listen to the brilliant minds from Last Podcast on the Left showcase where we’ve been and where we are going. Talk to one of our Mayors about the same thing.

And yes, of course, watch artists perform live music, in small intimate theaters and venues where no seat is a bad seat, and where drink prices look as they should. We’ve got a few dozen great acts to present to you this year, spanning genres from hip hop to bluegrass to EDM to indie rock and more.

But please, feel compelled to seek more out of this once a year event in the odd college town of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Whether you live here, or study here, or are just here for the weekend, we can assure you, after fourteen fucking years of presenting it — and having attended hundreds of festivals ourselves — this space is memorable, and affordable, and worth your time, if you are interested in learning about who we are, and why we are, and how we’re going to keep being meaningful as we live out our lives.

Sorry for being so dramatic — we really really care about what we do. And we hope you will join us.”


Tuesday, September 24, 2018

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It’s time for the Fall Housing Fair again! This is a great event to get free gear for the year. Water bottles of varying styles and qualities, t-shirts, candy, pop-sockets, phone-card holders, EOS, I mean I’ve seen it all here at the Housing Fair. Of course, come to chat with the CPM representatives and get your apartment info for the next year when you’re done getting your free “swag”!

“The Daily Illini is holding its bi-annual Housing Fair on Tuesday, Sept. 25th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Stop by the Illini Union in the South Lounge and Rooms B and C to meet with some of Champaign-Urbana’s top housing companies face to face. Learn about pricing, policy, parking and pick up tons of free swag!!!”


Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

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Another learn to cook event! This seems like a great opportunity to impress your S/O with some homemade cooking, otherwise, if you already know how to cook Mexican Cuisine, you just never know what tips and tricks they may have for you to pick up!

“It’s time to embark on a culinary journey with the Instructional Kitchen! We’ll be serving up all your street food favorites from chicken tacos to sweet corn. Join us for a tasty evening! Cost is $10 for students/members. Register at Member Services a minimum of 72 hours prior to the scheduled class (capacity of 16 spots). Register today!”


Friday, September 28th, 2018

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Don’t worry, soon there will be a “Thrift Shop” post on this blog, but for now, enjoy this Thrift shop sale on the Quad that is much closer than any other shop! Get some information about their Fall Art Gallery as well, that could be helpful and fun!

“Come thrift on the quad with us!! We will be selling gently used clothing in order to fundraise for our upcoming Fall Art Gallery.

Feel good about buying second-hand and supporting local artists all at the same time!”


Saturday, September 29th, 2018

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Human Trafficking occurs all over the world, but it also happens in the USA. CPM is a sponsor for the Aruna Project and we hope that you will stop by and say hello as we hand at bags and have a few of our members participate! This is a run for awareness, support, and intentional desire for change. Ever wondered how you could help? Well, this is one way that you can.

“Across the world, today, millions languish in sexual slavery. They are more than statistics; they are individuals, with hopes and fears, dreams and doubts. Apart from someone stepping into their need, young women like Reshma will never be free. We run to raise awareness of her need, to raise funds to secure her freedom through outreach programs, and to sustain her freedom through full time employment. When you run or walk in an Aruna Run, you run for a specific woman by name like Reshma. You run for her freedom.

100% of registration fees and donations go towards the cause of freeing, empowering, and employing.

Register for or donate to the Champaign Aruna Run today at:


Sunday, September 30th, 2018

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Harvest Market often has events with cheap entrance fees for a variety of a dish to try. This time, it’s free coffee on a Sunday! That sounds like a pretty great deal to me!

“What’s better than cold brew coffee? FREE cold brew coffee! Stop by and taste our delicious Cultivo Organic Cold Brew Coffee from Uncommon Coffee Roasters – a NGLCC certified LGBT business enterprise!

Cultivo is a brand of Uncommon Coffee Roasters from Saugatuck, Michigan. Cultivo means crop, cultivation, farming and culture.

At Cultivo, we aim to highlight the ones whose hands tell the story, the cojedores (coffee pickers). Thanks to their hard work we can indulge in this wonderful beverage. Raise your mug and thank the coffee farmers!

Cultivo is thoughtfully sourced, contains grass-fed and never ultra-pasteurized dairy, and is naturally gluten-free.”

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