Enjoy some of these events that are happening around town this week!

Did you like High School Musical? Would you like to see it again? Well you can starting this Wednesday till Sunday at the Urbana High School! Wednesday through Saturday it will be starting at 7:00PM and Sunday at 2:30PM! Enjoy a little bit of musical talent before finals, and it’s not that expensive either! Find out more here.

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It’s that time of year again! Before you leave for home, take 5 for our Cinco de Mayo promotion! On May 5th we will have free burritos at the main office at 1pm as well as 5% off new leases signed between April 28th and May 7th! Don’t wait and get some free delicious food and celebrate with us!


Friday April 29th at 10:00PM starts The Art Theater Co-op’s “Purple Rain” Prince Tribute. There will be 5 screenings at various times throughout the week and they will be showing his semi-autobiographical film, Purple Rain. You can find the rest of the times here.

Flea Market at the Main Quad this Friday! You can buy lots of  used items at reduced prices. There are still a few spots left to sell so sign up quickly! Check it out so you can get some cheap stuff!

Saturday at 7:00PM the Fresh Prince of Champaign is being presented at the Foellinger Auditorium! There will be multiple shows with dancers, musicians, and vocalists from different organizations! You can find more info here.

Sunday at 5PM don’t eat because the TSA is going to be selling lots of delicious food from Taiwan! They guarantee that you will love the event, and besides food they will have games to play so bring your friends. This event will take place at the Main Quad and you can find the list of foods and prices here.



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