Baseball season, Mom’s weekend, and more is going on at this eventful campus!

Today and next Tuesday the Fighting Illini Baseball team will be playing at 6:00PM at the Illinois Field. Tonight is against Eastern Illinois and next week is against Illinois State. Tickets are free for both nights! Here are the details for tonight, and here are the ones for April 12

The Class of 2016 Photography Seniors is hosting a Tamales sale tomorrow! Located at the Main Quad, you can get $2 Tamales at 11AM-2PM! They have special deals with rice and drinks so don’t miss out! More info.


Also tomorrow from 11AM-2PM, there’s the Street Food Fundraiser at the University YMCA – UIUC. The menu isn’t finished yet but La Linea  will be offering lots of different types of food! You can find out more here.


CPM is having a great promotion where you can get a $300 Gift Card for signing a lease if you toured the apartment within 24 hours. This promotion is applicable for our on campus locations.


There’s a great fundraiser at the Main Quad starting Friday at 11AM-3PM and Saturday 12PM-4PM where you can get Henna! You can bring your own designs or they have a list of designs for you to choose from! This is for Mom’s weekend and if it’s too cold they’ll move inside to the side entrance staircase to the Quad. Find out more here.

Community & Campus Day of Service is having it’s 4th Annual event! The goal is to pack 149,000 meals for local food banks in eastern Illinois. This event is this Saturday for 9AM-5PM at the Memorial Stadium and they have several shifts available and you can find out more info here!

The annual Boneyard Arts Festival is Thursday through Saturday! It’s a countrywide celebration and we have several venues with all sorts of different kinds of artwork. It’s free and if you want to know more info on this cultural event, click here.

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