We all know that a Campus Town doesn’t always have the widest selection of activities, but Champaign-Urbana may surprise you with a few of its local gems!

Escape Rooms

Three different locations, three different escape rooms, with many different scenarios! Enjoy a crazy fantasy adventure, an insane scientist, a criminal escape, or a terrible horror scenario, all of these businesses can give you an exciting time! Here’s a bit on each:

Brainstorm Escapes

There’s 60 minutes on the clock. You’ve been locked in a room and you need to escape. To do so, you must solve clues, puzzles, and riddles to breakout before the time is up. And the clock is ticking…

At Brainstorm Escapes, we offer immersive and exciting escape rooms, each with their own unique theme.

The excitement of escape rooms encourages participants to work together in a high pressure situation by using their wits, intuition, and logic. It’s great for building communication and teamwork, or just having fun! Think your team is up for the challenge? Then book today and let your adventure begin!”

Champaign-Urbana Adventures In Time and Space

Prepare for Adventure


You have one hour to save the world.

Champaign-Urbana Adventures in Time and Space is a real-life “escape room” game for friends, family, and coworkers!

Teams of 2-10 players have 60 minutes to find clues, complete puzzles, discover secret doors, and solve a greater mystery.

Each game takes place in a different themed setting and time period. From dispelling evil spirits in a haunted cabin to foiling the plot of a supervillain, the scenarios are designed to make players feel like they are living out a movie or playing a game show!

We currently have five adventures: THE LOST TEMPLE, THE CABIN, CALLING ALL HEROES, SWORD OF THE DRAGON, and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Each features a different set of challenges and players must use observation, communication, and critical thinking to win.

Escape room adventures make for a great night out, a unique birthday or bachelor/bachelorette party, or an exciting twist on corporate team building.

Tickets cost $25 per person, or $20 per person for students.”

Lab Escape

“At the LabEscape project we are committed to creating an innovative escape game unlike any other.

First and foremost, we want to provide you a rewarding and thrilling experience that will leave you fondly reminiscing long after you’ve left. We also want to show you that science can be amazing, useful, beautiful, and yes, even fun!

We’ve created a series of jaw-dropping puzzles based on various science phenomena. You will literally see an object disappear before your eyes—no CGI tricks here! We’ll also provide simple explanations for these amazing science phenomena, with examples of how they already play a huge role “behind the scenes” in your daily life.”

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One of our frequent fliers in being mentioned, Curtis Orchard is a classic pillar of events in the Chambana community. Enjoy apple and pumpkin picking, apple cider with doughnuts, a corn maze or hayride, there’s a great deal to do at our local favorite!

Escape to the country at Curtis Orchard. This historic family-run farm in southwest Champaign features apples, pumpkins, outdoor activities and a large country store. Shop for speciality food items, take home our fresh apple cider, and try our famous donuts and pies. We’re also serving up great meals in our Flying Monkey Cafe throughout September and October.

We offer free admission and parking. Free activities include a playground and petting zoo. Ticketed attractions include a giant slide, obstacle course, rope maze, corn maze, putt-putt golf, and pony rides. Pick-your-own apples and pumpkins are also available. Come visit us!

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We have two local vintage art theaters in Chambana, The Virginia Theater and The Art Theater. Both of these have showings each week and have unique experiences!

Virginia Theater

“Owned and operated by the Champaign Park District since 2000, the Virginia Theatre is an historic performing arts center and movie palace that hosts concerts, stage plays, dance, spoken word, children’s events, films, comedy, private parties, corporate events, the Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, meetings and more. Since 1921, the 1463-seat Virginia has been a Champaign-Urbana landmark, offering entertainment first as a vaudeville house, legitimate theatre, and movie house. Now fully restored, the Virginia is ideally positioned to resume its role as vibrant community center, active performance space, and bustling cinema!”

The Art Theater

“The Art Theater’s mission is to:

  • Cultivate and engage audiences for US independent and international cinema;
  • Promote culture, education, and dialogue through and about film;
  • Foster awareness and understanding of the human condition;
  • Enrich the cultural landscape of Champaign-Urbana;

We strive to build community by making cinema an inclusive, informative, and entertaining experience by offering diverse, provocative, and cutting-edge programming.  We partner with community organizations and individuals to offer educational and specialized programming. We also endeavor to provide a space for local filmmakers. As a non-profit, member-driven program of the Art Film Foundation, we aim to be a model community cinema, and are aligned with the mission and vision for art house theaters as articulated by the Art House Convergence.”

If you ask any local about Skateland you will most likely get “Oh! Skateland… that takes me back.” In all honesty, no one has anything bad to say about or great, it’s Skateland.  To quote a TripAdvisor review “A bit dated, but still fun – now with Laser Tag!” – Sarah3M

“Skateland located in Savoy has been an mainstay in the community for over 38 years. We have been offering community support as fundraisers and skating to the area school children for many years. Many generations of families have enjoyed the benefit of roller skating.”

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Aikman Wildlife is a fairly new addition to the area. A drive-thru safari with numerous of other amenities such as wagon rides, walk through petting zoo, behind the scenes tours, and much more!

“The Aikman family would like to welcome you to explore the newest tourist attraction in central Illinois—Aikman Wildlife Adventure.


Located between Arthur and Arcola, less than 6 miles west from Interstate 57 exit 203, this is a wildlife drive-through park where you can get up close and personal with animals you’ve only seen behind fencing at a zoo or on television. You’ll have the opportunity to see and take pictures of animals right out of your vehicle while you drive the 1-mile long path through our Drive-thru.


Once you have driven through the Drive-thru, you can experience our Walk-thru Adventure, where you’ll see kangaroos, cavies, wallabies, lemurs and much more including our large Petting Zoo area.


On October 22, 2013 James had a dream of him and his wife, Kelsey, owning and operating a wildlife park. He told her about it and she said their son was going to be born in 2 weeks and they had plenty on their plate. He agreed completely, but the next night he had the exact same dream. He told her he didn’t know why, but felt like this was something God was wanting them to do. She said that if it was really from God then he would find a way to make it happen. From that point on, thoughts, ideas, plans, layouts and numbers flooded his mind—so much so that some nights he could hardly sleep—he just felt I had to get everything out of his head and on to the computer.


He began talking with other drive-through parks and zoos for budgets and costs as well as visiting with veterinarians, carpenters and other suppliers to get accurate quotes. He also began looking at the possible annual attendance and income numbers.


From there, God began opening door after door and more opportunities and business sponsorships began forming. The family purchased the former Rockome Gardens on September 1, 2015 and have been working non-stop ever since. That is the story of how Aikman Wildlife Adventure began, and we look forward to what the future will bring!”

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