Get ready for the weekend by taking some more Buzzfeed quizzes!   

First, see which character from Friends you dress like with this quiz. See if Buzzfeed can guess your age based on the kitchen items you own by completing this checklist, or see how obsessed you are with romantic comedies by checking off all the ones you’ve seen on this list.

Take this french fry quiz to see how well you can identify different fast food chains’ fries (it’s much harder than you would think). How many types of pasta have you eaten? Take this quiz to see all of the many pastabilities. (sorry)  

You can find out where you’ll get married based on your wedding venue choices here. Are your quarantine dating opinions the same as everyone else’s? Find out in this quiz. See if you can name U.S. states just by one landmark here, or if you can name bestselling novels by just their covers here!


Take this pain tolerance quiz to learn something interesting about yourself (it’s scary accurate). Find out what percent lazy you are by your home decorating choices here. Or see if you can tell which of these deceptive foods are salty and which are sweet in this quiz

Lastly, see what type of cake you are by taking this random quiz, and see if you can identify all of these Disney Channel characters here.   

We hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!