It’s May Day! Otherwise known as the first day of May. This may be the last month of isolation, but only time will tell. Hopefully everyone has been able to safely get outside and enjoy the lovely spring weather. 

This Friday, we’ve got more quizzes! You may be sick of online tests, but these are fun and may be even more important than your calc final. 

Find out which combination of a Harry Potter and a The Hunger Games character you are with this quiz, or when you’ll get married by designing your dream house in this quiz. See if you can name a country for each letter of the alphabet in this surprisingly difficult test

Get to know your film tastes better by taking this quiz where you can only choose one movie for each genre. Put your dinosaur knowledge to the test with this quiz asking you to identify every single dinosaur in the Jurassic Park movies. It’s actually really difficult. 

Ever wondered which Disney character you really are? This in-depth personality test will reveal your true Disney character persona. Can you guess what movie is being described by a five year old in this adorably confusing quiz

This quiz will determine how well you remember the Disney Channel in the 2000’s. And lastly, find out which Friends character you really are by making some hard choices in this quiz