Another week in isolation has gone by. It’s Friday and that means it’s time to relax a little and do something fun. Whether you are working from home or focused on social distancing and working on how to spend your free time, you deserve a little break from the worry and stress of the week. It’s a tough situation out there, and we hope it goes away soon. While it may be a few more weeks until life can get back to normal, today you can take some time to kick back and check out some fun and interesting articles. No news, no scariness, just light-hearted reads. 

Check it out! 

If you feel like doing some online retail therapy, check out this article on Buzzfeed about products that are super well-reviewed. You can’t go wrong with this stuff apparently. 

Maybe you’ve seen your friends’ stories on Instagram sharing photos of homemade banana bread. A lot of people are baking during quarantine, but did you know baking is actually proven to reduce stress? Learn more about it in this Delish article, and explore their website to find some recipes to try like these “Brookies.” (A cookie + brownie!)

Ever wondered what your birthstone says about you? Find out in this explanation from Refinery29. Now’s a perfect time to do a little ~soul~ searching and learn about yourself. 

If you can’t get enough of dogs, check out these photos of celebrities on walks with their adorable pets! Usher’s dog looks a little terrified being on a bike ride, though. 

Find some spoof articles on the Reductress to take your mind off the serious news stuff. 

Here is a hilarious compilation of tweets lovingly making fun of British accents. Try reading them aloud to give yourself a laugh. 

And finally, if you are participating in a ZOOM happy hour with friends (which you definitely should be!) check out these icebreakers from Bustle to make video chatting less awkward.