This may be the best Friday of the year. Finals are done and winter break is finally here! All of us at CPM wish you a wonderful break and a lovely holiday. 

This week, we have some holiday-themed quizzes, perfect to make your family members take to distract them from asking you about finals, relationship statues, etc. 

Get the perfect recipe to make based on how you would plan a party with this quiz. Put you knowledge of Friends to the test with this Christmas episode quiz. See what kind of dog you should get based on your holiday opinions here

If you love Hallmark movies, click here to check off all the ones you've seen! Find out if your Christmas traditions are unique or normal in this poll. See if Buzzfeed can tell if you've been Naughty or Nice based on the gifts you buy here

Find some last minute present ideas in this list and some items to make adulting easier for 2020 here

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

(A new music video for All I Want for Christmas came out, and it's everything. Check it out!)