Wow, it's Friday again! It still feels like summer here in Champaign-Urbana even though it's nearing the end of September. It seems like Illinois can never keep track of what season it's in. That's okay, we have air conditioning and can ignore the heat by staying inside and taking a few quizzes!

This week, learn what type of bread you are (I got pita, though I was hoping for brioche), see if they can guess what your favorite color is, and discover if you are more logical or emotional

See what your biggest pet peeve is based on your favorite TV characters, or what percentage of Pennywise you are (hopefully 0%). You could also see if your fall style matches your Hogwarts house or find out which city you should visit next!

So many pointless but somehow highly intriguing quizzes to take. I mean, how could you not want to know what type of food matches your personality? Luckily, it's the weekend so there is all the time in the world to waste. Well, sort of. Homework who?