Congratulations on completing your first week of classes! Hopefully there hasn't been too many assignments so far. There's always that one professor that gets too excited about learning and gives far too many assignments in the first week. No time for that here. 

What's really important right now are these quizzes. You don't need to know how to ask for directions in French or how what the square root of x is. What you really need to know is what kind of potato you'd be. Yep, that's right. It's time for a Friday pop quiz! (Courtesy of Buzzfeed)

Find out who your Disney soulmate is here. Having trouble deciding what to eat for dinner? Let this quiz decide for you! See which city you belong in based on your weekend plans here, or find out if you're really ready for fall or not with this quiz. (Starbucks definitely is). 

Take some time, find out a bunch of meaningless but very important information about yourself.

Just a little reminder, we will be closed Saturday and Monday for Labor Day weekend. Have a nice three day weekend!