Hello! It's Friday, the end to a long week and the beginning of a relaxing weekend. If you moved out this week, we hope it went smoothly. Take a break, you deserve it! 

Did you know that today is National Book Lover's Day? August 9th is the day that people celebrate reading! In college it can be hard to find time to read for fun, but many studies show that reading a book for fun actually is very good for your mental health. Before school starts, maybe take some time to rediscover reading.

Don't know what to read? Take the recommendations of Ted Talk speakers who have shred their most favorite books in this article.

Don't worry, we still have a fun video for you do watch! Remember in 5th grade when flip books became popular? I never had the talent of patience to make one, but if I did, it would look nothing like the one in this video. This flip book tells a story with art, and it's mesmerizing!