Instead of the usual funny video for the TGIF post, I've put together come of the most fun Halloween-themed Buzzfeed quizzes. It's just around the corner, and I don't know about you, but I'm super excited! Even if you're just hanging out at home eating too much candy and watching scary movies, let these quizzes get you into the Halloween spirit!

Find out which iconic Halloween creature you are based on your food choices in this quiz, or which movie witch coven matches you and your friend group by taking this quiz!

Check off each scary movie you've seen in this list of 100 of the scariest films to see how brave you are. 

See how much you know about Dis De Los Muertos here

Pretend to buy some clothes to see how long you would last in a slasher film here. I did not do well. Apparently how you shop really determines your survival.

Horror movies are full of ridiculous, cliches. Find out which cliche you'd end up being if you were in a horror movie by taking this quiz

Lastly, build a Halloween costume to see which classic Halloween movie you are here