Make your College Experience the Best Years of Your Life  

College can be stressful. With all the classes and extracurricular activities, you need good friends to make your college years easier. A 4 bedroom apartment rental can offer more space to wind down and more people to make your college years a tad more fun. This means more space to throw your friends a birthday party or more roommates to talk to when feeling stressed when pulling an all-nighter.

The bonus, you can save money by splitting the costs, and can instead spend it on school expenses or on your favorite fast food restaurant. We know that students are often limited with their choices due to their budget, but at Campus Property Management we offer student housing options that are affordable. Starting from just $230 a month per person for full occupancy, you can get a conveniently located apartment with amenities.

Campus Property Management has over 1,800 student apartments on or close to campus. CPM offers students 4 bedroom apartments for rent in UIUC that fit your needs. For those Night Owls, 4 bedroom apartments located on Daniel and Third and John and Third are walking distance from the quad to get you to your classes faster. An apartment building located on Wright and Stoughton is walking distance away from Grainger Library as well as the Kenney Gym. If you like to grab a quick bite on Green Street before or in between classes, a 4 bedroom apartment located on Green and Locust might be perfect for you.  For gym enthusiasts, a four bedroom apartment located on Euclid and Gregory is walking distance from the ARC. No matter your lifestyle, we offer a variety of apartments that fit your needs.

We also know that parking can be a hassle if you’re bringing your car to UIUC. Instead of digging through your purses or wallets for quarters for street parking, we offer parking spots that are rented on a first-come, first-serve basis. We also offer week passes if your significant other or parents stop by for Dads or Moms weekend.

Whatever your style of living or preference, Campus Property Management offers the perfect 4 bedroom apartment that best fits your needs while you’re an Illinois student!


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