Best Study Spots Near UIUC Student Housing

UIUC Students are known to hit the books all across Champaign and Urbana, from the most common on campus buildings like the Ike or Grainger to lesser known cafes and quiet spots off campus. Whether you’re the type of student that needs minimal distractions and absolute quiet or the type that prefers a little more social interaction during your study sessions, CPM-Apartments has compiled a few favorite UIUC campus study spots to hit the books.


Espresso Royale
Any UIUC pro knows Espresso Royale can be seen all across UIUC campus and throughout Champaign and Urbana. With 9 locations in the surrounding area and 4 locations actually on campus, you’re sure to stay well-caffeinated no matter where you go on campus. Only a few Espresso Royale locations have seating for students, such as:

The Krannert Art Museum

500 E. Peabody Champaign, Illinois

krammerart uiuc student housing study spots

The hours at this location are 8AM – 4PM on weekdays, making it the perfect place to grab a latte and plugin to study.

The Grainger Library 

1301 W. Springfield Ave, Urbana

grainger uiuc student housing study spots

This location open at 7am during weekdays and 8am on weekends, making it great for early bird students headed to class. Additionally, this location is open until 11pm every day, catering to the night owls of the UIUC student body as well.

The BIF Business Institute Facility

BIF Business Institute Facility UofI uiuc student housing study spots

UIUC couldn’t be considered a Business facility if it didn’t have an adequate flow of caffeine available to the UIUC body. This smaller location doesn’t have seating available in the cafe, but the BIF offers plenty of seating and space for all students to catch up on classwork and studying. Hours for the BIF building on UIUC campus are 7 AM – 10 PM, Monday – Thursday, with varying weekend hours.

To see the full list of hours and contact info, visit

BONUS: The Espresso Royale located at 5th and Daniel has a staircase that leads to the basement, where there are extra seating and tables. Check it out for a cafe experience that is a little more secluded than the other Espresso Royale locations.

espresso royale uiuc student housing study spots

English Building Atrium/Basement

The UIUC english study spot building pool from the UIUC archives

The UIUC english building pool from the UIUC archives

The atrium in the English Building is a somewhat secret, very quiet study spot on UIUC campus. Head down to the basement of the English Building (pictured) and you’ll find an open space with a variety of couches and tables available for students. There are plenty of outlets and styles of seating, making this a quiet, distraction-free study spot. A small computer lab with printers is also located in the English Building basement. Be warned, however, because while the open area is well-lit and wifi is reliable, the underground quiet and dimly lit hallways can give not-so-brave students the creeps

.UIUC english building uiuc student housing study spots

Students: Have you had spooky experiences in the English Building or any On-Campus building? CPM-Apartments want to hear about it! Tweet at us!


Champaign Library

champaign library study spot

Photo from

On many campuses, students tend to stick to the on-campus libraries and residential study spots, but this isn’t the case with the Champaign library. Students and non-students alike share the bright, spacious library, the free wifi, and the large amount of natural lighting that the large windows allow into the space. Known to be efficient and have lots of outlets, the Campaign library makes for a wonderful study spot for both on campus and off campus UIUC students.

Cafe Kopi

cafekopi uiuc student housing study spots

If a hipster cafe vibe is the persona you’re looking to take on, Cafe Kopi is a great spot for you to study. Often described as “eclectic” and “relaxing”, this cafe is a very popular coffee house for students and Champaign-Urbana residents alike. Specialty drinks and wifi make it an ideal place to catch up off campus, plenty of tables of outlets make it a perfect study cafe for UIUC students.


pekara uiuc student housing study spotsIf you’re interested in an excellent study spot that’s close to campus and serves delicious cafe fare and baked items, look no further than Pekara Bakery and Bistro on Neil street. All of Pekara’s delicious baked goods (including locally famous croissants!) are baked at their Clean Label Bakery down the street. A Clean Label bakery means items are baked with only all natural ingredients like ’untouched’’ flour that hasn’t been processed. Overall, if you’re looking for a delicious off-campus spot near student apartments and student housing to grab lunch and get some work done, Pekara is the place to go!

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