When moving to a new place, it's important to consider your pet! No one wants to leave their furry companion behind when they leave for school or move to a new apartment. Luckily, CPM offers many apartments that are pet friendly.

We recently made 504 E Stoughton pet friendly! Here is a list of all the apartment buildings and houses we have for rent that allow pets. (While all building allow small animals like fish, birds, and hamsters, only a few allow cats and dogs).

Pet Friendly Apartments!

  • 107 E Springfield 
  • 106-108 N Busey
  • 111 E Springfield
  • 506 W Elm
  • 57 E John
  • 504 E Stoughton- our newest building to allow pets. 
  • 709 W Stoughton

Any of these buildings are a great choice for the upcoming year for you and your pet. For information on bringing a pet to live with you here, check out our Pet Policy!

It's not Friday, but just for fun, here is a pet vine compilation. You're welcome.