Is looking for a new apartment one of your New Year’s resolutions? If not, it should be! Now is the best time to secure your 2020-2021 school year housing. CPM still has so many options available and can meet every price range. Whether your goal is to find a cozy place all to yourself or to get the most stylish new apartment for you and your roommates, we have what you need. 

Here is a quick guide to help you get started with your apartment search. 

If you want… affordability

903-909 S Locust, 104 N Lincoln, 404 E Clark, and 107 E Springfield are all good options if you are wanting to spend less money on rent. Being budget-conscious doesn’t mean you have to settle!

If you want... to be in the heart of campus

303 E Green, 615 S Wright, and 202 E Chalmers are all located near the main parts of campus. You can quickly and easily walk to class from these buildings. Most of CPM’s on campus buildings are close to wherever you need to be! 

If you want… to live in a quieter part of campus

401 W Springfield, 905-907 W Oregon, 804 W Illinois are all located near the outer edges of UIUC. They are on quiet streets, so if you need an escape from the hustle of UIUC, this is where you should look.  

If you want… a luxurious apartment

Our newest buildings come with modern furniture, stainless steel appliances, and offer beautifully designed living spaces. The newest buildings include 615 S Wright, 309 E John, and 606 E Stoughton

If you want… more security 

408 E Healey, 408 E Springfield, 105 S Wright, are some of the limited access buildings CPM has to offer. This means that you need a key to get into the entire building as well as into each apartment. 

If you want… to bring your pet


Your small pets are welcome at 107 E Springfield, 111 E Springfield, 57 E John, and 506 W Elm. Just be sure to check what kinds of pets each of these buildings allow, as dogs are only allowed in a few.  

If you want… to live alone

Our one bedroom apartments sell out the earliest, so don’t wait too long if you would like an apartment all to yourself. 52 E Armory, 107 E Healey, and 57 E John still have one bedroom units available for next year!

If you have… a lot of roommates

1106 S Euclid, 408 E Healey, and 304 Daniel offer four bedroom apartments with lots of space for all roommates.