As the new school year approaches, the 12 month leases are coming to an end. The move out date is August 8th, only 4 days away, and there is a lot to be done before you move out of your CPM apartment. In your lease, it says that you are to “surrender the premises in good, clean condition” to avoid the “certain costs” it takes for us “to clean and repair the premises.” Please see paragraphs 3, 5, 12, and 22 under Lease Agreements and Covenants in your copy of the lease. (Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need a copy of your lease agreement). Find a sample lease here

Reminder: You must be out of your apartment before 10 a.m. August 8th. 

Please return your keys either to our office at 615 S Wright, or drop them off at the drop box at our former office, 303 E Green. (The 24 hour drop box is located on the ramp on the right side of the building)

 In this post, we will go over what should be cleaned, what we look for when we do premise checks, and how you can avoid extra charges. Please read these Move-Out Guidelines closely so you know what is expected from you upon moving out.

*Note- these are NOT all of the items that can be deducted from a security deposit, but you should use this as a reference for what is expected. These are the most common ways you can avoid charges. 



It’s very important that you clean every surface in every room. It may sound like a lot, but cleaning can actually be quite fun if you don’t wait until the last minute. Put on some music and make a day of it! 

As per your lease, in order to not have your account charged for carpet cleaning you must have your carpets professionally cleaned. We do require that you show proof of professional carpet cleaning by providing receipts upon moving out. Receipts for carpet cleaning equipment rentals are not acceptable.

Some highly rated local carpet cleaners are KleenRite, Stanley Steamer, and Drummond Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Entire Apartment-

-Sweep and mop hardwood and vinyl floors and hire a carpet cleaner for all carpeted areas. 

-Clean all baseboards. 

-Wash walls, remove any stickers or marks. There should be no holes in the walls. 

-Clean balcony, removing all belongings and debris.

-Remove ALL garbage and personal items. We charge $25 per bag of garbage that we have to throw away. 

-Replace all broken or non-working light bulbs. 

-Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

-Clean all windows and doors. Dust blinds, window screens, and window sills. Windows should be in good working order. Doors should be free of marks and holes. 

-Dust all vents on floors, walls, and ceilings. 

-Clean all light fixtures. 

-Clean outlet covers and replace if broken. 


-Remove all furniture NOT provided by CPM. 

-Make sure there are no marks, rips, or tears in couches, beds, or boxsprings. 

-All furniture must be in good working condition. 

-Leave all vertical and horizontal blinds covering the windows. They should have no missing slats. 


-Wipe down countertops. There should be no sticky or oily residue. 

-Remove all food from the refrigerator, wipe down the interior and exterior so there are no stains or food residue. Handle and all drawers should be intact and unbroken.

-Clean stovetop (remove the coils if needed to clean well), range hood, oven, and oven drawer. 

-Wipe down the microwave, inside and out, to remove food stains and residue. 

-Clear out all food and trash from every cabinet.

-Clean cabinets inside and out. 

-Wipe down the dishwasher and remove all dishes. 

-Clean sink, sink drain, and make sure garbage disposal is working. 

Living Room- 

-Clear out and clean closets.

-Vacuum sofa and arm chairs.

-Light fixtures and lamps should be cleaned and unbroken. 

-If applicable, sweep and dust the spiral staircase. 


-Remove all items from balcony.

-Make sure the balcony door is locked before you leave the apartment.


-Scrub toilets with toilet bowl cleaner. There should be no mildew in the bowl. 

-Clean the toilet water tank, base, and seat. 

-Clear out cabinets and drawers of all items and wipe them down inside and out. 

-Wipe down the exhaust fan, clearing the groves of dust. 

-Clean the mirror, sink, faucet, and countertop. There should be no toothpaste or soap residue. 

-Clean bathtub, shower, and/or Jacuzzi tub, including the jets. Make sure the shower rod is in place.


-Floors need to be vacuumed and cleaned.

-Dust windows and blinds. 

-Remove all items from the closet, drawers, and under the bed. 

-Make sure the mattress is set squarely on the metal frame and there are no rips, tears, or stains in the mattress fabric. 

-Clean out and wipe down desks and desk chairs. 

What We Check: 

Our premise checkers are very thorough, so make sure you clean all of the items on the list. When going through an apartment, we check that everything is in working order, look for damages, and make sure everything has been cleaned properly. It should look like someone could move in right away, so aim to leave it like you would want it to look if you were going to move in. 

Avoiding Charges: 

Our team works hard to make sure apartments are move-in ready for the next tenants. This means cleaning, painting, and making repairs. You can avoid the charges that come with CPM having to do extra work on your apartment by following the above cleaning procedures and making minor repairs yourself. Fixing nail holes, replacing light bulbs, and removing all personal items and trash from the apartment before you leave will help us get the apartment ready for the next tenant. Just think of how you’d like your apartment to look when you move in! 

As you prepare to move out, please reference back to this list and the Move Out Checklist. If you have any questions about what is expected of you during your move, please feel free to contact us.