The day has come: August 7th is the official move out day for CPM. If you have not renewed your lease, this is the day that you'll have to move out. Moving can be very stressful, but making sure everything gets done ahead of time can help ease the stress. To ensure your move goes smoothly, please be sure to read through the move-out guideline thoroughly. This will help prevent fines or fees. 


Be sure to go through every room and make sure there are no personal items or trash left behind. 

Everything must be cleaned- try to make the apartment look like it did when you moved in!

Cleaning is an easy way to make sure there won't be additional charges. 

Light Bulbs

This is something that is easy to forget while moving, but it's important! Be sure to replace any light bulb that isn't working. If we have to replace a broken light bulb, there may be charges to your account. 

Damage Repair

You are responsible for erasing markings on the walls. (hint-try a magic eraser!) 

Try to also remove stains from the carpet, as well as vacuum thoroughly. 

Read this!!

Move-Out Checklist 

This is the CPM move-out checklist. Please refer to this document as you go about moving out of your apartment. 

Good luck, and thank you for choosing Campus Property Management as your home this year.