Did you know that Father’s Day is THIS WEEKEND? I had completely forgotten until just yesterday. If you are anything like me and haven’t even thought of a gift for your dad yet and now are in a slight panic from the realization of the encroaching holiday, this post is for you. Instead of all DIY things (you know dad got enough of those when you were 9), you’ll find some unique gift ideas your dad will love! Most aren't too expensive and you can even put some together yourself.

 Dads are always there to help us out, so they deserve the best! All of these gifts are a great way to show appreciation for any father figure in your life. Read on for Father’s Day gift inspiration!  

Inexpensive and Fun

Dad Joke Books: These books will give your dad all the horrible joke ammo he needs to make anyone pity laugh. You can buy these on Amazon!  

Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes: Because Your Dad Thinks He's Hilarious

Dad Jokes: The Punniest Joke Book Ever

Snack Box: Gourmet cheese, smoked meat, popcorn mix, and crackers. Sometimes the best gifts are ones you can eat, and this snack box from Harry & David has the perfect balance of savory and sweet snacks for dad. Find it here! Or get him a yummy meat and cheese box from Hickory Farms here!

Custom Six Pack: If your dad likes beer, treat him to a specially-selected six pack. Many local grocery stores sell locally brewed beers by the bottle, so you can get a variety for him to try. Grab an old fashioned metal bucket from the gardening section of a grocery store and fill it with ice and the beers! For an extra personalization, you can write his name on the bucket. 

Engraved Pocket Knife: Dads love knives for inexplicable reasons. You can order a customized pocket knife for your dad from this Etsy shop! It has a smooth wooden handle, belt clip, and comes in a wooden case. 

Extra Special Gifts

(Go in with your siblings if you can for these ones!)

Custom Watch: For the fashionable dad. Undone watches are completely customizable, so you can get your dad exactly what he wants. They can get a little expensive, so this could be a gift from everyone! See all the watch options here.

DNA Testing Kit: These kits are a really cool way to learn more about your family history and genealogy. Give dad the gift of learning more about himself! 23 and Me and AncestryDNA are having Father’s Day Deals, so order the kits now! 

A Better Way to Wake Up: You know dads love the latest gadget. The new Echo Spot is a cool gift for anyone, but this would be an especially great Father’s Day gift. He can get the news, play music, video call, and so much more with the Spot. Find it here

Metal Detector: Let’s admit it, dads can be a little nerdy from time to time. If your dad loves doing very dad-like activities, chances are he’d love a metal detector. It’s a gift that will get him outside and offers the allure of finding buried treasure! Find a well-reviewed metal detector here

Of course a warm hug and spending time with dad this weekend is the best gift of all! What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?