One of the most difficult parts about leaving home to go to college is leaving behind a beloved pet. Here at Campus Property Management, we want to make your move to Champaign-Urbana as easy as possible. Luckily, a number of our buildings allow pets, so you can avoid the loneliness of not having a furry friend with you at school!  While all buildings allow small animals like fish, birds, and hamsters, only a few allow cats and dogs. Please see the lists below for our pet friendly buildings. 


The limit is two animals (cat or dog) per pet-friendly apartment. In order to bring your pet, you will have to come into our office to get approval from management and pay the one-time $300 pet fee. Before deciding whether or not you want to bring your cat or dog to live with you here, please read our contingencies regarding having an animal live in your apartment on our Pet Policy page. After that, you are all set to bring your pet to live with you! 


Here are two lists of all the apartment buildings and houses that are pet friendly. One list for every place that allows cats and dogs, and another for the places that only allow cats.

Cat & Dog Friendly Apartments 

Cat Friendly Apartments

Living in one of these apartments is a great choice for your stay at UIUC. They are a fantastic option for students or Champaign-Urbana residents looking for a place to live. Check out our website for more information about specific apartment buildings, parking, policies, and to schedule a tour with one of our leasing agents.