Winter is here, and so are finals! So make sure to brighten up your room!


Many people have Christmas lights in their room, but do you have a Christmas board? Make this sign, and watch it brighten up your room with a festive aura!

This fun looking door is easy, fast, and cheap to make! There’s no snow out there, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own snowman!


Make some dry snow for your place! It’s very simple, get some cotton balls, fluff them up, and stick some fishing line through them to make it! No more wet floors!


Done with studying? Or done with half of your literature books that you bought? Go ahead and make a tree! Christmas trees can be very expensive, so just make it yourself!



The mason jar changes per season, and this snowglobe is a perfect display of that! So get your stuff together, and make a little winter biome in your room!


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