For this Holiday season, spruce up your apartment with some decorations that you made yourself! Also, enjoy warmer feet and pleasant aromas that fill your room and heart with calming relaxation.

How to make homemade DIY candles. A gift that family and friends will love. And they're easier than you think to make!

Wow what a pleasant scent that you give someone! A Homemade Lavender Rosemary Candle doesn’t take too long, it’s cheap, and you can make a large batch to give to multiple people! This DIY comes with a side gift, a glorious sense of achievement.

“Oh yes, my dear friend, it is! I’m here to tell you (and show you) that homemade candles 100% qualify as “simple.” Actually, they are beyond simple. Yes, they require a little bit of time (about 30 minutes), but the end result is a gift family and friends love…a homemade candle made with love and natural ingredients.

The most wonderful part about making homemade candles, is that you can use inexpensive mason jars (I purchase a pack of 12 for $8-9), drinking glasses (I like to find orange-juice-size glasses on clearance), clean baby food jars, tea cups, coffee cups, or little metal containers. There’s no limit to the scents and type of container you can use (okay, no plastic…so maybe there is a limit).”


This isn’t completely DIY, there are some kits to these Flourishing Snowflakes, where you print and cut. But What if you were to draw your own? Do theirs as well because, amazing, but challenge yourself to one up them!

“Here’s a little holiday crafting fun for you – the prettiest kirigami snowflakes!

While I prefer to cut kirigami designs from origami paper, I can understand that not everyone has it lying around the house. So, for these snowflakes, I worked with Geri to craft up a series of printable snowflake templates that you can fold & cut right from standard printer paper! (But seriously – origami paper is so much easier to fold + cut – next year I’m stocking up on piles of plain white!)”

Lets be real, this legit snowflake is 3D, not 2D like those paper ones, and it comes with sparkles. Clothespin Snowflakes are a way to freeze the competition for number one apartment decorating skills, and it’s a must!

“Yay! It’s the 10th of the month and we have our friends back today sharing Snowflake projects! When we heard what the theme was going to be we knew we wanted to give these Clothespin Snowflakes that we saw on Under the Table and Dreaming a try.

Love that something so pretty can be made out of clothespins. And besides the drying time they are pretty quick to put together”

A Daily Something | Simple DIY for Dried Orange GarlandA Daily Something | Simple DIY for Dried Orange GarlandA Daily Something | Simple DIY for Dried Orange Garland

Isn’t this Garland? Whoops I meant grand! (a Terrible joke I know) This Garland uses Dried Oranges, which basically means you have a natural aromatherapy decoration that looks complicated but in reality didn’t require days of processing. This would work over a balcony door and it gives the room a fresh scent, look, and taste (I don’t recommend eating the dried oranges but you probably could, right?).

“We might not have our Christmas tree yet (part of this weekend’s agenda), but we’re slowly filling up our home with Christmas cheer! This week, Zoe and I worked on a Dried Orange Garland, and had so much fun together! The project is so simple, and I want to make 5x more to hang them on the tree! Side note: from start to finish, this DIY takes a few days because of the orange-drying process. So, keep that in mind if you need them by a certain date for anything! Oh, and next time, I’m going to put a few drops of essential oil on the slices before baking, for some fragrance (as is, they don’t smell at all)…”


diy mason jar light

Mason Jars are on a comeback as the creativity doesn’t stop! This decorating technique compliments your sense of chique design. Christmas lights are always fun, but, they aren’t always creative, these mason jars give you a lamp feeling that is perfect! You don’t have to leave the Mason Jar Christmas Lights bundled up, you could string them across the room and have somethign similar to those hipster, free-hanging lightbulbs!

“At first I wasn’t certain exactly what I’d do, I just knew I needed a light.  Since I love wide mouth large Mason Jars (5) I thought I’d start there. When thinking about the mason jars, I thought how cute the jars would be with tiny string lights- (100 tiny white string lights…)

Because the light would be going on the screen porch, I wanted to make certain I kept with the rustic feel of the grapevine sphere chandelier already hanging over the table. This grapevine wire seemed like a good idea for hanging the mason jars and of course I picked up some burlap ribbon because I always find use for burlap ribbon!”


felt liners

Keep your feet warm, make some wool insoles, make multiple actually, switch them out every two weeks or when your shoes get wet, and you can get rid of a lot of smelly feet. That’s why I enjoy this one, and the fact that you can keep your feet nice and toasty!

“These babies have changed my life. I have perpetually cold feet. This time of year calls for wool socks and Uggs every day around the house, and cozy boots when I go out. Muck Boots are a country girls best friend but if my socks aren’t thick enough, I still get chilled toes.  My friend Kate, of Woolen Moss, came to the rescue with her idea to make wool insoles for her winter footwear.* Since I had some of her felt sitting on a shelf, I thought it was high time to put it to use.

I pulled out the thin insoles from my Mucks to use as a pattern. I cut a pair out with sharp shears and  tried them on in my Uggs, which always get thin on the interior bottom before the rest wears out. Ooooh…. they were nice. It was like having brand new coziness- instantly. I couldn’t take them out. ”


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