Spring is here! Having a green plant around usually makes one’s apartment seem a bit more… clean, fresh, and brighter! Apartments are not the best places for plants, but you can use this little trick to have fresh herbs and plants to make your meals tastier and view nicer. Even in a dorm room you could find space for these guys, and reusing mason jars is always a plus. Take a look at how they did it!

We all want a projector for our room, whether to show off our photography skills at our latest vacation (such as this Spring Break coming up soon) or to watch Netflix with our friends or s/o. This $1 projector can give you a bigger screen than what you have already, or at least give you a screen in your room if the TV is in the living room. There are other versions of this simple projector-shoe box, some more expensive, more complicated, but nicer quality, this is just a good base to go off of! Why don’t you give it a go?

Picture of One Cup Coffee Brewing, Cheap (Free!) and Easy!

If you’re like me, having a fresh drip coffee can give you that extra boost to finish the race of Midterms. I have a french press but a drip coffee would be nice sometimes as well (it changes the flavor right?), and this gives you the ability to do so without spending much of your hard earned cash! This way you can afford to buy those nice coffee beans at Flying Machine Avionics and not spend all that money on a new coffee machine or device. I may try it out today myself, you should too!

Anthropologie Inspired Gold Pencil Holder - Desk Organizer | View From The Fridge

Some of these DIY projects don’t fit every room or every person’s sense of style, but they can inspire other ideas and projects you may want to try! This particular project used all sorts of cups and holding devices to make a pencil holder, and the spray paint made a consistent color that shines. If you don’t particularly need a pencil holder, you can use it to hold utensils for a fancy dinner or to hold cooking tools in the kitchen, perhaps change up the design and use it to hold candy, or in the bathroom for toothbrushes and toothpaste, you have a plethora of options that you could explore!


We already had a mason jar DIY but this aquaponics system seems to cool to pass up today. You can have a plant and a beta fish at the same time, and it looks amazing! Since you can’t always have that dog or cat you want in your apartment, you turn to fish or other small animals. If you choose the fish route then you can get that plant you want in your room checked off your decor list and almost have an entirely self sufficient system (you still need to feed your Beta). This is a must try if you’re getting a fish, exotic and basic at the same time, stellar.

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