Been awhile, but now it’s back! DIY brings you a summer edition for some short and fun crafts that can be useful or entertaining!

Kiddie pools aren’t always the funnest, and a sprinkler can cool you off just as well. Or you could make a water blob that doesn’t leak and that’s affordable! Combine this with water balloons, sprinklers, and water guns and you’ll have your own water park! Use some painter’s plastic, ironing board and iron, parchment paper, and Duct Tape if you feel like it. I’ll be blobbing around, will you?

This is a longer project but an amazing one as well. Nicer screens cost around $90 or you can get a blanket sheet and try to keep it straight, but no guarantees. This allows you to save some money on a screen, and get a nicer projector! Also a nice surprise for your parents, and I’m sure you can use poles instead of trees of some sort. Movies and the outdoors are pretty cool, so enjoy the view!

Picture of hammock in 5 minutes.

You see people hammocking all over Campus, and anywhere they can really. And yeah they’re comfy, but $60 for an ENO? That’s not everyone’s style, so just make one to show off how smart you are! You need a twin-sized sheet (though you could try larger sizes and see what happens), a knife, and 10 feet of rope. Pretty simple, it may be no ENO but it’ll keep your wallet happy and definitely makes people think what kind of genius you are. Stay cheap and make a mock hammock!

Watermelon Shark eats anything! This would be an awesome snack to go along with your movie screen and homemade hammocks. This link also has several other designs for different critters, all beautiful designs. I like this one because I can put on some Netflix while I make it, since it’s time consuming but isn’t overly difficult and doesn’t require all your brain-power. If you like Watermelon, then take a bite!

Everyone loves a good Jump photo, but how do you make it look like you can jump super high? Get down low, take the photo closer, and use a wide angle to make the person look like they are flying high above! There are some more tips, so take a leap of faith!

Mason Jars take the stage in a fun and cool act, but this isn’t limited to just mason jars, all glass bottles can participate in this! It’s a craft to try out and you can dye a piece of glassware to give it a colorful tint. This article talks about various ideas and ways to do it, and how they captured darker shades. If you like mason jars and you like colors, this is the one for you!


All these DIY could go together as decor and an evening of fun with friends and family! Whoever you want it to be with! Start off with the tinted Mason Jars holding flowers. Bring your friends over to hang out on a blob and have a water war with water guns and water balloons, afterwards relax in some hammocks and eat some watermelon, and then end it with a movie!

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