Summer is when you get to try your hand at a few different types of projects! Hopefully these DIY projects fit the season, and some of them will actually be perfect to bring back with you to school or into your new home post college!

Butterflies and Hummingbirds will love you, and so will your parents if you make this homemade Hummingbirds Feeder! Not only do they bring beautiful creatures, but they look nice too! Good way to impress anyone with this simple DIY project if it looks this pretty! This DIY link has all the secrets you need!

This is a pretty spiffy pot. I love how the plants look so much happier in a seashell environment. There are so many different ways to garden, and sometimes you don’t have much money to spend on anything complicated but you want it to look nicer than an orange flower pot. Let’s go to the link, link.

These lanterns kind of look like those special high quality lanterns you may find at IKEA or some other shop, but they can also be expensive. So make them yourself and light it up! This link will help illuminate the way to accomplishing your balcony decorating goals.

DIY Lap Desk tutorialThis lap desk is perfect for those late night netflix binges, or those papers I guess. But really we all know that no matter what, netflix comes before papers. So for your CPM apartment on the UIUC campus, you should make one! Don’t you wish you had a lap desk as you checkout the link?

DIY | Natural Tree Stump Side Table //

Okay this is a big one, this project requires careful skill but leaves room for endless mistakes. I mean it’s just a stump! This marvelous chunk of wood will look amazing anywhere you place it. Outdoors or indoors, it fits a modern setting, a broke college student setting, or a cabin in the woods setting. An end table like this bought online can range as high as $400 (there’s cheap one’s too but y’know), but doing it DIY saves you a bunch of money, and you learn a little bit of woodworking. So first step, find a stump, second, turn it into the end table. Not enough details? Okay fine you win, here’s the link to making the most amazing end table in Chambana!

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