Star Wars: The Force Awakens is around the corner, how could we not do a DIY for this grand event!

Cardboard Stormtrooper

This website has a bunch of easy costumes! This is probably the most difficult, but creative! The Darth Vader costume is hilarious, so before you head over to the theater, get on and force up!

R2D2 lamp! Such an easy thing to make, as long as you already have a lamp! Even though it’s done with some black vinyl you can definitely use it with any color that you’d like! Go ahead and add this ridiculous little robot to brighten up your room!

Do you enjoy fighting with foam swords? Did you lose your childhood lightsaber? Or have you ever wished to do both? Then here you go! This could go with some of the costumes mentioned above, complete any Star Wars evening with these creative accessories. Don’t stop, and duct tape some foam noodles!

Christmas meets Star Wars! Since both are out around the same time, this will be good for any lover of Star wars and Christmas trees. But don’t let the Death Star fire off, no one wants to be around a destructive ornament.


Another Christmas Star Wars! Making snowflakes has always been an easy way to decorate a room, upgrade to a stylized Star Wars Flake! 
Star Wars Tin Can Lanterns

Mason Jars decided to hand this post over to the tin cans! Poking holes in mason jars isn’t the easiest thing to do, so the tin cans stepped in to make a very rustic look with the technologically advanced Star Wars Galaxy! These lights would be perfect to come back to after the movie, so make sure to enjoy it, and May the Force Be With You!

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