Science can be fun for us older college students too! These are great activities to have for a more productive night than movie watching.

Magnetic Slime

Magnetic Slime is awesome because you get to mess around with magnets and you get to make slime! This can just be something you have around, leave it in a container on the coffee table and when guests come over while you’re cooking or while you are watching a movie they have an activity that allows them to focus on watching or talking but lets them fidget around! Also it just looks like Venom a little bit and that’s such a happy thought.

“Magnetic slime is really fun to play with on its own.  It stretches and squishes.  If you hold it up, it oozes down to the floor in a long strand!  Adding the element of magnet play makes it even more awesome.  This is a great project to put on your to-do list for a rainy day, spring break, or summer!  It would also make a great group activity for a science club or scouting group.”

bubble generator

Ooh this is a fun one, not such a new concept because most of us did this in middle school I imagine, but it’s definitely fun nonetheless! Imagine the possibilities with Dry Ice Soap Bubbles, such as popping them and always having a satisfying reaction, or attempting to play catch with them, it’s just a great time for all!

“Bubbles are cool, but bouncing bubbles filled with smoke are even cooler. Boo Bubbles look like ghosts that appear before your eyes. They’re actually the product of a homemade bubble generator that fills bubbles with carbon dioxide.”

Grass Heads for Kids - these Grass Heads are so so easy to make and super fun to watch grow and care for. A great art come science activity for kids. Teaching them about looking after plants too! How to Make Grass Heads! #Spring #Grassheads #science #steam #planting #kids

This one is a bit silly, but the Grass Head is such a great talking point and cheap, creative decoration that it could make it up onto your top decorations for the rest of your life! Goofy faces with grass hair, using old socks, and having green in your apartment while the ugly winter roles in (winter without snow is ugly, we know this people).

  Learn how to make grass heads today and create your own Mr Grass Head Dolls! They are a perfect STEAM craft for Spring, but you can make throughout Spring and Summer – maybe a nice project to help keep Summer boredom at bay?  They also make great Spring or Easter Party Bag gifts! Also… we have since got a post on some fabulous Grass Caterpillars. They are so so so fun! Similarly you may also enjoy these cute Wellie Planters!! A fun way to upcycle much loved old wellies!”


Another time waster for to occupy guests while you are occupied! Water Tornadoes are so enjoyable, I mean seriously, we find Tornado vortexes fascinating but those large ones are far to frightening for close up encounters. This small one is safe and entertaining, allowing you witness the fearsome disaster in a controlled setting. Add sparkles to spice up your Waternado and be the proud owner of the hottest topic in your friend group!

“One of the nifty things about living in the Seattle area is that in the month of June, they host a Seattle Science Festival. Last year was the first one, and this year was the second one. One of the fun things we were able to do was attend the NOAA open house here in Seattle last Friday, and my boys and I were entranced by all the things we learned. The NOAA stands for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which means that it studies the oceans, marine animals, and also the weather. The boys and I got to do some interesting experiments on weather modelling and predictions, and when we got home, my youngest asked if we could do some more weather experiments. I looked things up, and found we could make a tornado in a bottle, make rain, and make fog. Sounds like fun!”

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