We all know that it is so difficult to find a budget as poor, broke, finals-estranged, college students, that’s why this post is all about Holiday Gifts! Helps when you need some cheap, easy to make, mass produced, XMas gifts! Don’t fret, let’s make a bet, its Christmas time y’all!



DIY Hot Cocoa Party Favors

This was a decision between homemade marshmallows and this fast making, cheap loving, hot coca party favors. You could pick which chocolate brand is the one for your hot cocoa, and stylize it for all your different friends! Give one Hershey’s, one Godiva Dark Cocoa, another Bakers chocolate chips, there are so many options! And you could go to Goodwill and pick out various mugs for cheap, for reuse, and to limit waste! Just make sure to scrub out those mugs. If all else fails, just make this for yourself 😉

“Now that cold weather is finally here, it means it’s officially hot cocoa season. That’s right, for the next few months we can all enjoy all the cocoa we want, guilt free! If you plan on entertaining during the holidays, or are just looking to make some quick stocking stuffers, these DIY hot cocoa favors are the perfect stress free project. Plus they look much cuter than an ordinary bag of cocoa.”



Y’know, to be honest (tbh), we have done quite a bit of the marbeled genre, from plants to mugs this idea pops up because, frankly, I don’t think you guys take this seriously enough. I want proof that you did this or something similar! Email me at [email protected], this is important! Skip your finals and send me that.

“Know someone with a green thumb? Cross their name off your Christmas shopping list because we just found the perfect gift—a DIY planter made extra pretty with a very cool watercolor technique.

That’s right, friends don’t let friends display plants in just any planter. So what’s the secret to the pretty marbleized, watercolor look? All that old, leftover nail polish taking up room under your bathroom sink. Yes, that little bottle of a color you decided wasn’t for you can transform a plain pot into a marbled beauty.

If you’re already dreading how long it will take to make such an eye-catching craft, fret not. This isn’t one of those DIY gifts that will take you an entire afternoon to pull off—we promise!”




DIY Dried Flower Coasters (click through for tutorial!)

Okay this is the best coaster DIY I have ever seen and you can do it for anyone. Buy the Wildflowers at a Floral shop and then press them in one of your humungous textbooks, and bam, it’s ready for the process! Seriously, this is one of the best DIYs I have seen yet.
I know I’ve kept you in suspense since sharing how to press flowers, but today is the big reveal! This may just be my most time consuming project to date, but I think the wait was worth it. But then again, I may be biased on this one!
You can dry your own flowers following this tutorial (does take 4-6 weeks). The wood slices were cut from a dead tree branch then sanded. If you don’t have access to a saw and need to buy yours, try Etsy
Okay so it does say for Dad, but this works for anyone. I’m only an Uncle and I want it, what does that tell you? Besides the fact that the tiny game is adorable, fun, and a niche, the felt can be rubbed for a pleasant reminder of your bed and home life. Don’t knock it till you try it!
Today’s craft is geared towards the men in your life! Every man can use a little break from work for some stress relief. This mini pool table is a perfect DIY gift for dad and is the perfect size to slip inside a desk drawer- maybe for an impromptu game with a co-worker?

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