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Need some quick ideas for some cute and creepy Halloween decorations and treats? Here are two websites with some GREAT ideas! countryliving  and goodhousekeeping know what it take to inspire last minute preparations.

In the Halloween Decor, there were some really simple and fast ideas to help in a pinch! Especially the “Jack-O’-Lanterns in a Jiffy” These fake pumpkins would make anyone laugh, who would’ve thought about not using pumpkins for pumpkin decorations?


And as usual, the mason jars once again know how to be creative during this season. Grab some wrapping and “googly” eyes, and you got yourself your very own mason jar mummy!

mummy mason

After all the decorating, everyone wants to see some Halloween treats, and they don’t want the candy in a bag because, well, that’s lame. You have some marshmallows left over from all the October festivities and Bonfires, and cupcake mix is easy to get a hold of, so go ahead and make some Marshmallow Halloween Cupcakes!

marshmallow monster cupcake

While cupcakes make a nice treat, a Monster Cake is the final touch to the night! Maybe a guest doesn’t want a full slice, no problem! There’s cake pops right on top!

monster cake

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