Graduation is around the corner and, of course, you must have a graduation party that has a few nifty ideas and is cost effective!

Graduation Party Decorations

This sounds pretty good for the graduate, there are always memories you may have with someone that you don’t think about every moment of the day, this way friends and family are able to write down and immortalize a memory for you! Whenever you want a walk down memory lane, open up the jar and go through the slips of paper. This specific layout has a shopping list, which this link will lead you to. 

graduation party decor tissue paper year

It’s a sign, that you traveled back in time! Sorry bad joke… but the sign ain’t too bad! Switch the 5 out for an 8 and you”re all good to go for an amazing graduation sign! Switch up the colors for any combination of ambiances, simply it’s cardboard and tissue paper that’s grounded somehow. They used marbles in a bottle, but you could use tape or pins to keep the signs up on the wall! Here is a link that will show you the way.

I like this background, how about it? Pretty good, customizable, cheap, made of colored paper plates. This is just a joy to have on a wall, get some low aperture camera skills and focus on the model, just perfect! There’s like a pop art feel to it, people will call you creative and artistic but we’ll know the truth, it’s just paper plates. Here’s a link, there’s a link, yet another link!

Looking for things to do at a graduation party? These graduation party games are some of the best ideas ever! They’re perfect for college, high school, or even an 8th grade graduation party! We are definitely trying out these fun minute to win it games at our 2017 graduation party!

This particular section has not one, but 17 different ideas you can try! Everyone has different tastes, and I figured having one page that gives 17 graduation party games would be a great idea! Each one of these will provide you with a unique experience and a fun time. I especially like the “Shoot for the Stars” game as I see potential into it evolving towards a blow dart styled game. Just like in the “Legend of Zelda” we have a link too!

Finally some food. Every good graduation party at the UIUC deserves some sort of snack or food. While Guacamole and Chips are always a delight, it’s hard to make a theme out of them. Here you can have a chocolate treat and it looks like graduation caps! Any round sized chocolate bite treat will work for this DIY, but the link uses Recess Pieces and Rolos as their examples.

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