Camping can be hard, so for this DIY here are a few tricks that could help make it more enjoyable to the whole group!

Those matchboxes they sell aren’t always waterproof, and the ones that are don’t always have a pad to strike against, so make your own matchbox that keeps your matches dry and helps you to strike up a flame! This is also good for camping other than glamping, very practical and could be lifesaving.

burlap rosette wick

Sometimes, if it’s rainy or there’s morning dew, your matches won’t be enough to start up a flame. These little cupcake flame starters will keep a flame going long enough that you will be able to add a plethora of sticks and branches to move on to bigger, and better fires. It also allows you to start a fire without lighter fluid or any other chemical, meaning you can get to the s’mores sooner than later! A little bulky for a multiple day hiking trip, but for glamping, it’s fun and creative!

hand washing station

It’s common knowledge that campgrounds don’t always have a place to wash your hands, and hand sanitizer doesn’t get the dirt and mud out, so bring your own hand washing station with paper towels, water, soap, and a bin to catch the dirty water! It will help you feel refresh, and allow you to feel and be clean.

Tent Camping with Foam Floor Tiles

These people also brought air mattresses, but if you don’t want to spend that money, mats of any kind will work! They used foam floor tiles, but yoga mats work as well! You don’t need to buy a foam mat if you or a friend enjoys yoga. If you forget to bring a mat, grab a bunch of dead leaves and place them under the tarp that your tent will be on! It will help smooth the ground out and help you stay off those rocks and tree roots.

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