OMG FAM! Friendsgiving time! There isn’t much wiggle room, as I am sure many of you have already started the celebrations, but for you procrastinators here is what you can do to spice things up last minute! We are focusing on Squadmas (The squad and Christmas), but some of these ideas translate over for us!

Draw Together Thanksgiving Set

Okay not really a DIY I know, but you could make this if you were a master artist with tons of commitment/time. What we have here is a tablecloth made to draw on! Fabulous I know, it is super expensive at $12… Nevermind, it’s cost effective at $12! Amazing I know, but of course, $12 isn’t something you can spare for a Friendsgiving Tablecloth, then use blank paper and buy a huge role from one of the retailers! Michaels is still open and should have some, maybe Walmart or Target? Give those a go why doncha. You can hang this up afterwards as wall decorating in the hallway or living room afterwards, basically get cheap art by making your friends think they are participating in a bonding experience hehe.

“Sit back and relax. The Draw Together Thanksgiving Set will make your Thanksgiving party decoration as easy as can be! Illustrations bring fun and whimsy to your table while fun prompts on the placemats and table covering will make conversation easy. Color in the illustrations, respond to the prompts (including instructions on how to write a thanksgiving haiku), and enjoy your dinner. You’ll be thankful for how easy this is!”


DIY Color Wrapped Wheat |

Win this year’s centrepiece competition by taking yarn and wrapping it around wheat stalks. You live in a farming state fam! This isn’t the most difficult item to get your hands on last minute, of course, you don’t have to use wheat, I’m sure hay works too or some other thingy. I enjoy this due to its complex simplicity, as it adds a touch of genuine care with a pinch of colors with the expansion of integrating nature into your room. Once you make this, keep it! It’s small and pretty. Color Wrapped Wheat is where it is at!

“It’s a simple and easy project, but it’s a beautiful way to add interest and a splash of color to your Thanksgiving table. And don’t worry, even if you’re not hosting the holiday feast, you can still whip up a few of these to decorate your space.”


Let’s not forget what Friendsgiving is all about now… Friends! Okay that was a bit anticlimactic, but these decorating skills aren’t! Take a looksy at this creativeness all up in that room, stylish I know. Use the clippers to hang photographs of you and your friends all over the place! With the lighting, I see the potential for a metaphor in a short speech that goes similarly to “Friends, you are all like these lights, you illuminate my life like you shed luminance on these images”, pretty cheesy and inspirational, right? Of course if you want to be a comical individual you can print photos from “Friends” and hang those up instead, funny funny.

Who is your Friendsgiving dream guest and why? 

“Francois Pierre la Varenne (the french chef suspected of being the inventor of the pumpkin pie in 1653)” – Kevin
“Gene Wilder for sure! I think he was such an interesting person and I am sure he would have the best stories to tell!” – Jayla
“If I could have anyone at Friendsgiving it would definitely be Beyonce because she’s the queen and who wouldn’t want one-on-one time with Beyonce?” – Annie
“I want to invite the K-Pop groups GOT7, B.A.P, VIXX, and Infinite! They are my favorite groups and all the members of each group are hilarious. It also helps that they’re gorgeous. “ – Kayla “
DIY Ombre Mini Pumpkin Centerpiece | Oh Happy Day!
The heat rises as we compete for the best centerpiece around, this ombre pumpkin centerpiece brings a level of cuteness and friendliness that no one can deny. The colors remind us all of happy times and hopefully bring forth thankful emotions about friendships. You can’t deny the forceful power of spray painted pumpkins, they exist to win the centerpiece battle!
Sure, traditional fall colors can be beautiful but sometimes it’s nice to add a pop of warm-toned brights to this conventionally dull-hued season. And so, we came up with this cheerful ombre centerpiece that you can re-create for your fall parties. Just gather some mini pumpkins and paint in a spectrum ranging from bright yellow to neon pink! Be sure to include touches of gold for some added sparkle!
Bacon Wrapped Stuffing Bites
Okay I get it, friends? C’mon, y’all came here for some new recipe, and here ya go! Stuffing. Wrapped. In. Bacon.
Enough said.
Seriously though, this is such an ingenious idea, the carbo-load wrapped in fatty protein, mhm. Look at that photo, it’s on a napkin or paper and it looks like a gourmet treat made by a 5-star chef, that’s not easy to pull off with such a straight forward idea. Imagine that salty, tasteful bit of bacon, and comes the soft, sweet flavor of stuffing, this is a must make, forget everything else just make enough of this for everyone.
Stuffing wrapped in bacon is an easy and incredibly delicious appetizer or side dish for your holiday dinners.”

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