July 4th is only a week away! It doesn’t seem possible, but this week marks the last of June and beginning of July. With that comes Independence Day! Let us celebrate by creating some DIY Fourth of July crafts to make next Wednesday as patriotic as possible. (I won’t include how to make your own fireworks, let’s leave that to the professionals).



This is a simple paper wreath perfect for hanging indoors or out. Folded paper makes up the petals on this red, white, and blue flower. A welcome decoration for the whole summer! You can add your own flare by choosing a different center, or mixing up the color arrangements. See how to make this one, here!

Sun Catcher

Put the star in star spangled banner with this enchanting craft. These cut out stars shed red and blue light where ever they hang. Easy to make, this DIY adds something extra to any room. You only need crayons, wax and parchment paper, and an iron to create this project. These also make great gifts! Learn how to make your own, here.

Beach Towel

Swimming is to summer as sparklers are to the Fourth. These tie dyed flag beach towels are very fun to make and are a patriot addition to the pool. All you need to dye your own flag beach towel is a white towel and a dye kit. It would also be cool to play with design and create a new pattern with the blue and red dye! Learn more about how to handle the dye here.


What better way to end a Fourth of July celebration than by serving up a slice homemade cake? This red layered cake resembles the flag in a tasty way. Covered in red, white, and blue sprinkles and surrounded by sweet frosting, this is a dessert to gather everyone to the table. Click here to get the recipe!

I hope you have a great Fourth of July!
(Okay, some fireworks included)

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