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Here at CPM, we understand that money is tight and sometimes your decorations just get a little boring, here are some seasonal ideas for the fall!

Make your toilet paper into some cute pumpkins to brighten up the apartment! Just run down to any Depot store nearby to get these supplies. This website has info on how to make them!


Have some extra bottles laying around? Or just want your vase to match the fall flowers you picked up? Learn how to make them more interesting right here!

Maybe you didn’t like the bottles and wanted something more… pumpkiney.

Mason jars are all the rage, and Target has the cheap mason jars to help you out with this project! There’s leaves everywhere, don’t leave them there, use them! Learn how here!


Pumpkin Lights!

Have empty photo frames lying around? This design will make you fall for Fall!

Even without the rope, leaves in a jar seem like a simple yet trendy idea! If you want to attempt to use a rope to hang a mason jar, this will give you a few hints.

Leave those leaves on the wall! You don’t need a poster when you can make your own wall decor, this site continues to give more tips on fall decor!

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