This is easy because you get to scribble with a sharpie and drop Isopropyl Alcohol on canvas! This idea is simple for those of us who want something exotic but aren’t amazing at water coloring.

Need a clock that’s better than  a circle of white and black numbers? Now you can follow time with your memories! This would be great to keep your day filled with happiness!

Do you have a dream of a colorful word hanging in your room created by yourself? You can do it easily with string!

This is a 3D letter that you can create with paper! Take this art piece for a spin!



Another letter styled art piece, and looks like it was with a painted job! But don’t worry, you won’t have to do much painting at all! Some cut out letters, and a painting from a thrift story (or somewhere else cheap), you only have to paint over them and there you go!

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