Decorating can be pretty expensive, still, a wall with something is better than a wall with nothing. People have stolen street signs or they have placed coat racks hoping that it fills the empty space, maybe a nice note gets pinned up, but what could make it better, faster, cheaper, and decorative? Let me tell you what goes on in our room!

One of my roommates loves to play records, I’ve learned that you can find old and even modern records for $5 (at times even cheaper) fairly easy. We walked into an antique shop and he walked out with two new mint condition records for $5 (special deal there) and pins them up! There are a few shops around Chambana that sell records, use those cases as decorative pieces and hope that one day you can buy a record player! Exile on Main Street is one such store, not sure what the prices are but it’s worth checking out!

Here’s what I do, I buy and obtain free maps! The one on the left was a map from a bike shop for Kane County for the Fox River Bike Trail, the one on the right is a map of the Mountains between Silverton and Durango Colorado. Go to some information locations around town, perhaps the county parks office, and sometimes there are free maps. Pin them up on the ceiling or a wall and the white space is successfully filled. Thus far, extremely positive feedback on the map decorations!

This map be a bit intuitive but pallet wood can work well with small print photos. Snapfish and Shutterfly often have great deals for 4″x 6″ images, print off your latest bestie adventure and create a memory board, or a bunch of memory boards  that you can space out across the whole apartment! I would recommend sanding down the wood and adding a coat of protective surface of some sort. That way it remains for a longer time and doesn’t give you a splinter!

Adding to the maps, I placed a small blanket onto the ceiling! This can be really well done if you space the pins out correctly, and if you buy those cheap Walmart blankets that have picture on them then you have a cozy painting! It may also help insulate the room a little more too during those winter months.

Ah, here’s a gem. Those photos were bought at Goodwill, $5 total! These are from an amateur photographer who has some skill, and probably due to the matting placement unevenly he donated them to Goodwill. You can fine paintings, photos, frames, all sorts of artwork at thrift shops and donation centers. Take a gander, and you may be surprised what you walk out with!

This section is for all the little pieces you may want, but that drawing I have up there reminded me of one specific idea I had last night. Commissioned art! Do you have a friend who’s artistic? Commission some artwork, perhaps a sunset or your favorite character from a book or a tv show, maybe a photo you took that you want stenciled, there are a great deal of opportunities to get an amateur artist (or professional) to create the perfect centerpiece to your home! I highly recommend this as your option for your room, it’s trendy and looks nice for sure!



Hopefully those ideas will help you to find new wall fillers and ceiling decors for your lovely home. Goodwill brings out seasonal decorations throughout the year, buy one or two things and then throw up a blanket and a free map on the living room wall. You can even give it a theme of some sort, perhaps you draw on the map where you have been! That’s a great idea there, definitely use that one. Don’t let a day waste away, make it productive and beautiful!

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