Costumes that don’t look awful and will work for you at the last minute!

This homemade LEGO costume is so simple and inexpensive to make. Great for kids and adults alike!

Lego costume is pretty simple to make and looks classy!

Stick Figure Costume for Halloween | MoneywiseMoms

The Stick Man is funny for how simple it is!

Umbrella’s break, but they don’t need to be thrown away when you can use them for this Bat costume!


Deadpool was a great movie, this costume is great too! Bit more complex than the other ones, but this is for anyone with extra time!

 Dress yourself in all black and attach rectangular strips of white felt down the center of your body to emulate a dividing lane line. Tape a plastic fork over the dotted line and you've got a metaphor!

This particular website has 20 Last-minute costumes that are truly simple.

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