Coffee is what gets many people through their day. From a simple cup of strong black coffee to a nonfat, no whip, hazelnut mocha macchiato, there are so many ways to drink it. The problem with those fancy Starbucks or Espresso Royale beverages is how much they cost! That is why this week’s DIY will show you how you can make your favorite coffee drinks at home and save some money. You’ll be a barista in no time!

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a favorite for the hot summer months. Many think this is a drink too difficult to make at home or tastes better coming from coffee shops. But it is actually delicious homemade and super simple to make yourself! The most difficult part of this recipe is demonstrating patience. Letting your favorite blend of ground coffee soak in water overnight, will result in strong cold brew that will rival any cafe because you made it yourself! To get the exact measurements and sweetener suggestions, follow the link here!

Mocha Latte

Mochas are warm, comforting, and decadent. A caffeinated chocolaty treat, the mocha can be altered to suit any time of the year with different flavor combinations. This recipe shows you how to make the classic Starbucks Mocha, but you can add any extra flavors you want! Mint mocha, cinnamon mocha, or maybe even chili mocha. There are so many ways to make this recipe your own!


For those of you who prefer a less sweet drink, a cappuccino is just the drink for you. It’s a well balanced blend of milk, espresso, and foam. Though it may seem more complicated than some other coffee creations, this easy recipe has simplified it so you don’t need a state of the art espresso machine to make your cappuccino at home.


Frappuccino: the dessert of coffee. This drink is a nice sweet treat for the morning or afternoon, that will make you wonder whether your energy came from coffee or sugar. Blending ice, coffee, milk, and chocolate together will result in a concoction not too dissimilar than the $6 drink at Starbucks. Learn how to make it here!

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