You’re hosting an intimate get together, someone asks you for a drink, coca-cola if you have anything, you go ahead and enter the kitchen only to realize that your precious coca cola (or lame Shasta cola) has been sitting out of your fridge and will be room temperature. You know that ice cubes will water it down but society has taught you to serve it cold, so you accept the possibility that your guest will be disappointed by the number of ice cubes, the lack of flavour (either to be watered down or the Shasta’s fault), and you serve it. What if I told you there was a way to preserve that delicious taste without wasting fridge space? Keep reading fam, it’s gonna be good.

It’s time to get out those old, dusty, and just plain ugly ice trays, but it’s worth it, trust me, I’m a non-professional. Fill it up with your favorite brand of cola, whether it’s Coca-Cola or some delicious glass, off-brand cola that you got from County Market or Schnucks, Harvest Market may some of those glorious glass bottles but don’t quote me on that, just spend few hours and explore around, get to know Chambana a bit more, or go all the way to Home Soda Pop the source. They serve some great deli sandwiches and you can head over to the Home Lake Forest Preserve and enjoy a hike with some grand glass bottled soda and deli sandwiches. Anyways, fill up that ice tray! You can buy an ice tray at Walmart pretty cheap, they aren’t special by any means, they’re just plastic. Maybe order like 101 from Amazon for some cheap price.

Stick it in the freezer! Yes, those are bananas, in my mini fridge I place Bananas, my dorm room is/was ill-equipped with cooling, actually, it only has a cheap heater, and I freeze my bananas for a non-dairy cold treat. I became lactose this past summer (apparently that happens) and frozen bananas taste like bananas, except cold. The peels do turn brown and black fast, but that’s because of some cellular change where the yellow can’t survive in cold and dies. It doesn’t affect the fruit, just the peel. So place those soon to be cola cubes in there!

I can’t give you a great time estimate, to be honest, my mini fridge freezer sucks. But I do know that it took less time to freeze water than cola, go ahead and place those in the freezer the morning of the intimate get together, that way they will be nice and solid later on. They don’t make perfect cubes, something to do with the carbonation and its complicated freezing process. I’m a Psychology Major and a Photography Minor, hello millennial over, I ain’t learning about molecular transformation and it’s natural consequences anytime soon, I’ll take photos and edit them though.

Alright you froze those cubes, maybe you took photos for your blog (haha… exactly what I did) and now you need a baller glass to place them in to test if little old Daniel really knows what he’s doing (there’s a reason why I tested this before making it, don’t question me, accept it as truth and knowledge). If you’re like me, you have been gifted with a phenomenal glass that has been etched with decorations of Lord of the Rings, and Frodo on the other side, with the handle of goblet decorated with three Rings (there’s only one, I have no idea what they were thinking when they put three copies of the “ONE RING”, not my choice fam). If you don’t have a great glass like this, I happen to know that the Dollar Tree store sells $1 Coca-Cola 12oz glasses, and they’re made of glass not plastic. I bought one for my roommates birthday, he loves it very much, go ahead and buy a bunch of those for your expirement and make your C0ca-Cola experience more real than ever.

Nothing much to say here, add those Colas cubes even though they be super ugle, versus the smooth versatile surface of regular water ice cubes, doesn’t matter, this will pay off hugely.

Congrats! You have some happy guests now and you have successfully served cold Coca-Cola without the watered down flavour. See, there’s Frodo holding the ONE RING to say how much he approves and supports this endeavour. Kick back, relax, and know that you just became the coolest kid in the room for the next five minutes. Maybe stay silent to keep the throne for the rest of the night, don’t ruin the moment. And by the way, it does taste great, no watered down flavour at all.

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