As we are all very well aware of, there are really expensive products and really cheap products, and sometimes we don’t want to spend money on the cheap stuff, but what if we built it ourselves? And with cardboard? That way no one can question your creative skills, ever.

Picture of Drawer Organizer

This can apply to a variety of drawers and the sort, but a simple way to organize is with cardboard! Quite simply, you use a ruler, knife (preferably a box cutter not a camping knife), and cardboard. You measure out the spacing, then the cuts, then you cut it out, and place in the drawer, voila! Organized compartments for your drawers that allows you to stack those socks and not be worried about them rolling around and hiding underneath any other clothes. The full imaged tutorial can be found here.

We aren’t all wonderful musicians, but to pretend that we are is always fun, and air guitars are definitely out. Make a cardboard guitar (or a few) and show off your awesome dance moves to the tune of strung rubber bands. Even if your music doesn’t stand out, your creative skills and these cute accessories will allow you to be the coolest kid around! Clickey-click here for the instructions! handmade and vintage goods

We all want those fancy lanterns, and these cardboard ones are a pretty great imitation of those that you found at some fancy store, they got those aqua colors (but you can change it with other colors) and they allow you to make various sizes and used different levels of lumens and that is a blessing. Light up your screen with the tutorial!

Usually I look for tutorials off of YouTube, but today this one caught my eye and I couldn’t resist the temptation to put it up. Battleship may remain in our hearts but it’s hard for it to maintain the novelty that we secretly wish it had, this way, the game takes skill AND you made it yourself! Using marbles, fire them across the board and aim for your opponents ships, you win if you knock all of your opponent’s ships are sinking. You can always make it a little more interesting with a side wager of a soda can but don’t get carried away. That being said, here’s the video link!


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