Every now and then a few car details come along to give you a push during the winter season. We hope that these will help in maintaining car cleanliness and comfortability!

This was a great idea for keeping plastic bags in your car! That means whenever you have a roadtrip you have garbage bags for anytime anywhere, also helps for those vomity moments… Check out the waterproof tissues!

“I have an old kleenex box stuffed to the gills with plastic shopping bags. These bags are PERFECT to have on hand to corral trash, wet clothes, stinky diapers, etc. SUPER USEFUL without having a mess of bags everywhere! I highly recommend this organizational “device” for all mammas.”

How to keep the car from getting trashed during Road Trips

So somehow you need to hold the garbage in a way that isn’t super janky, like how I used to tie garbage bags to headrests, so this works for a special trashcan that anyone could use!

“Keeping your vehicle clean isn’t always an easy task. Here is an effective trash can that fits easily in the car without taking up too much room and closes to prevent spilling or bad smells.”

I have posted a few phone holders with safety clips, rubber bands, and paperclips, this specifically works for most cars and is much safer than some of those farther down mounts.

“Do you ever wander the aisles at store after store looking for just the right thing to hold your phone/GPS/mobile device while you’re driving?  There are tons of these on the market but I’ve never managed to find one that worked in my oddly shaped Scion XB.  In California you can’t mount anything to the window, and my window is far out of reach anyway.  Belkin makes a charger/mount that goes in the cigarette lighter but that puts the phone by my knee – definitely unsafe for driving.  Giant bean bag sliding around the top of the dashboard seems like a silly waste of space.  Some “cradles” are ridiculously larger than the device you’re trying to hold.  Suction cups pop off at the most inopportune times. And who wants to put glue or holes in you car?”

Organize your groceries better, and have a way to hide important valuables… Also having a secret compartment in your car will make you feel more like a secret agent, which we all need that slight thrill every now and then!

“My SUV is great, the third row seat gives me plenty of room for my kids and their friends but it makes for a short trunk area. That leaves two options when I have a load of groceries; either fold down the third row seat, or stack the groceries in the back. Here’s the problem, if I fold down the third row it leaves a cavernous space and my groceries (or sports items on the weekend) roll around and get smashed plus I have to crawl around back there to gather the groceries when I get home to unload. If I stack the groceries instead, invariably my bread/fruit/eggs/chips get squashed and when I open the lift gate at home the items stacked on top fall out to the ground.”

Yeah so… I figured we need a little more excitement here. Compete with your friends to make a swift electric car and race, place battery bets which furthers the tournament with fresh energy and be the best, need for speed, out there.

“The car evolved out of many attempts to make a simple wooden electric car. The only “high-tech” parts are the motor, battery holder and a curtain pulley, all of which I found down at the local D.I.Y. store. You also need some rubber bands, a 5″ nail, some screws and washers and suitable plastic bottle caps for the wheels. For added traction we cut eight pieces from an old bicycle inner tube and put them around the wheels.

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