Canvas prints and large prints are expensive, and this also gives you something to do for a little bit of time! A shower curtain, a bit of wood, and some free time will let you do this awesome idea!

I made this 9-frame black and white gallery wall for less than $20! Keep reading to learn how you can make one, too!

Photography prints gets expensive fast, and this idea will give you a cheap and fun wall!



This Homemade Space heater could save a few extra bucks during the winter season! A Flower pot, metal pan, and tea candles are all you need to save some money!




Desk organizers are good at home and at work, but a nice one can be a little pricey. With this you can make and gift to your friends an affordable desk organizer!

Christmas lights are festive, but not always for the mood, and string lights can get expensive, so this Ping Pong ball string lights is pretty ingenious! Get some ping pong balls and stick them on white Christmas lights and there you go!


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